Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 7: A Fashion Recap

I loved Lady Gaga’s Artpop era.

Well, it was inevitably that we’d have to face a makeover challenge and it’s pretty much as shenanigans filled as ever.

This week the queens had to makeover the members of a gay rugby team – so it is essentially the same as the Down Under makeover challenge. I am kind of sad that Dovima wasn’t here for it because I would pay an inordinate amount of money to see her trying to communicate with another human being who doesn’t at least have drag in common with her. All the guys were super sweet and really into the whole thing and seemed to get a lot out of the experience so good for them.

Pupi Poisson and Pepi Pasión

Do I kind of love the fact they look like a pair of librarians that inadvertently got themselves dragged into participating in a pep rally? Yes, I kind of do. The makeover challenge was always going to be Pupi’s great undoing, especially if she didn’t push the comedy far enough and sadly waving around some pompoms didn’t quite cut it – although props to Pepi for continuing to walk after having broken the heel of her shoe.
And Pupi did look really good in her reveal during the lipsync

It might just be the best thing she’s worn all season?

Carmen Farala and Carla Farala

OK, so Carmen Farala is hands down one of the best seamstresses the show has ever had on it, if not just The Best. To have made BOTH of these outfits to such an impeccable level that the pants even have pockets is INSANE to me. Get her on The Great British Sewing Bee immediately. They’re just so chic – it’s the best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes I’ve ever seen. And the Sherlock Holmes and Katie Holmes joke is the one I’ve howled at the most.
Also, shout out to the prop person who probably had to spend an afternoon trying to find them a pair of magnifying glasses for the runway.

Sagittaria and Neptuna

For someone who seemingly spent most of the Werk Room time walking around the room, huffing and tying her partner up in copious amounts of duct tape, these looks are both quite fine. The LeeLoo cosplay isn’t the wildly inventive thing, especially for Sagittaria whose ribs we’re all now on first name terms with. As for Neptuna, I think the look is good – the fact Sagittaria even got her in two sleeves is something of a miracle – I’m not getting the superhero vibe that Sagittaria promised but she does remind me of Meryl Streep on the cover of Death Becomes Her, with less of a broken neck.

Killer Queen and Slayer Queen

I thought this was really, really good and I don’t quite understand why Killer was in the bottom 2. It’s slightly uninventive in the fact they’re near identical dresses but they’re *good* identical dresses and for someone that got read for her makeup in the beginning of the season, both of them looked really good! And they’re presentation with the pellet guns on the runway was really cute – and something I’m really not sure they’d have been allowed to do on the US or UK version, if only because I’m not sure RuPaul would be willing to take a ball to the face.

A Makeover Challenge Ranking

  1. Carmen Farala By a Literal Country Mile
  2. Killer Queens’ Shoot Out
  3. Sagittaria’s Superhero and Mother
  4. Pupi and Pepi’s Day Drinking Librarians

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