All That Glitters, Series 1, Episode 1: Eternal Doom Mistress

I think we can safely guess that Katherine Ryan’s decision to do this show hinged entirely on being able to wave around the bangle measuring tool.

All That Glitters is finally here and it is very much putting my inability to spell the word “jewellery” correctly to the test as well as the fact sawing sounds put my teeth on edge.

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Blog Update: Posting Schedule

Just a short bit of housekeeping ahead of a particularly congested TV schedule! As you might have known both All That Glitters and Sewing Bee start this week and I am planning on recapping both of them. The slight hitch is that the MasterChef Finale airs tomorrow at 8pm, the same night as Sewing Bee. I pride myself on offering next day recaps but I’m not sure I’ll manage a full MasterChef Finale and Sewing Bee recap on Thursday so for this week I will be prioritising the MasterChef Finale with Sewing Bee going up on Friday. I feel like that’s the fairest option.

You would think that would be the only thing but alas, The BBC have apparently decided that it’s The TV Power Hour and have announced that Glow Up, the makeup brand of their competition formula, airs on iPlayer on Tuesdays and I wanted to recap that too – the recaps of Glow Up will probably only go up on Fridays because I think I’ll be prioritising All That Glitters and Sewing Bee.

So, to reiterate, once we’re over the MasterChef hump:

Wednesdays: All That Glitters Recaps.
Thursday: Sewing Bee Recaps.
Friday: Glow Up Recaps.

This is permitting that The BBC or Channel 4 don’t surprise us with a series of Britain’s Next Top Cobbler.

The Circle, Series 3: A Player Ranking Post

This was an incredible series of The Circle, maybe a few too many twists and contestants with a lot of potential added far too late in the game but we got catfishing romances, anonymous smear campaigns and many many giant pastries!

What better way to mark its end than a look back over the contestants and rank them based almost purely on how much unnecessary drama they wrought from their boutique apartments.

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MasterChef 2021, Episode 17: Mushroom Rondavel

Nothing in the world can convince me that Le Gavroche isn’t haunted by this portrait of Michel Roux Jr.

It’s the penultimate episode and after being whittled down to a trio, the cooks face a particularly gruelling challenge: Michel Roux Jr.’s mental costing!

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MasterChef 2021, Episode 14: Deep-fried Mice

Here we see a rare photo of Gregg Wallace before the makeup team work their magic.

The second half of our semi-finalists take to the kitchen to see who deserves the privilege of annoying professional chef Ben Tish!

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