Ariadne Reviews is run by, as you might have guessed, Ariadne – a Film and Television Production Graduate with far too much time on her hands…

The blog came about through my interest in and love for reality TV and I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts and opinions on shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Bake Off and the numerous iterations of Drag Race. My review style is highly influenced by satirists such as Dorothy Parker, P.G Wodehouse and the nonsensical TV analysis of Harry Hill’s TV Burp.
The aim of the blog is to entertain and perhaps slightly augment the reality TV viewing experience through memes, puns and far too many Gifs.

As a fan of these shows, it’s always fun to talk about them with other fans so if you like what you read or have an opinion please leave a comment!

I am also always happy to guest on a podcast or provide any sort of insight into a particular show – just contact me via my Contact page!