Drag Race España, Season 1, The Finale: A Fashion Recap

I am formally founding The Carmen Farala’s Under-eye Sequin Appreciation Society.

And so one of the best seasons of Drag Race has to come to a close – there’s been great queens, good judges, fun challenges, the only thing lacking have been the subtitles as countless Spanish people have let me know. Blame WOW.

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Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 6: A Fashion Recap

As someone who had their fringe grow out during Lockdown, Dovima’s roast felt like a personal attack against me.

Another great week for Drag Race España with a not toe-curlingly awful roast challenge despite a puppet mini challenge that forced me to have a 20 minute nap because Sagittaria and Dovima bombed in it so hard.

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Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 5: A Fashion Recap

I’m OK with this Sesame Street reboot.

After an episode that hosted both Snatch Game and a three look Ball, I didn’t think Drag Race España could get more chaotic and then Carmen Farala dressed up as a zombie and deep throated an entire bunch of bananas.

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Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 4: A Fashion Recap

As cursed as Hugáceo’s Snatch Game was, I would quite like an entire Snatch Game of just classical art.

In it’s commitment to utter chaos, Drag Race España decided it was going to host both Snatch Game and it’s first ever ball in the same episode – it’s a trip.

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Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 2: A Fashion Recap

Someone please commission the cinematic universe about this group of superheroes.

The second episode brings us looks suitable for a girl band (kind of) and a tribute to La Veneno, whose Wikipedia page I thoroughly suggest you look up and then watch every possible YouTube video you can about her.

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