Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 4: A Fashion Recap

As cursed as Hugáceo’s Snatch Game was, I would quite like an entire Snatch Game of just classical art.

In it’s commitment to utter chaos, Drag Race España decided it was going to host both Snatch Game and it’s first ever ball in the same episode – it’s a trip.

We’re Having a Ball!

I still can’t quite believe that they really held the ball and Snatch Game in the same episode but here we are! At least they didn’t have to make one of their own outfits this time and everything was very much prepared. As ever there are three categories: the first was Trashy Chick, which is probably my least favourite recurring theme because it always dips into really uncomfortable racial stereotypes and just outright classicism and I find it *very* uncomfortable. The second is the Drag Race favourite: Aggressive Executive, which somehow resulted in quite a lot of pantsless business suits and fetish gear. And the last theme was Marbella Jet Set, which I thought was meant to be glamorous, wealthy opulence and apparently just meant really weird drunk aunts with no regard for skin care. The more you know, I guess?

Carmen Farala

Well, we passed a milestone: we have Drag Race España’s first fur bikini, it’s a very proud moment for us all. The trashy look was pretty much as expected, the second look was apparently inspired by the Kardashian sisters, which doesn’t entirely explain the lack of pants or a skirt but I highly enjoyed her throwing the stupidly large phone

it’s nice to see Carmen being silly.
And her Marbella look is a dream, the pink clashes horribly with the fake tan but after seeing what everyone else did, that seemed to be the point. Also, points to anyone that walks the runway sipping a cocktail and constantly being on the verge of spilling it everywhere.


Well, the plastic pleasers are back but they make sense with her kind of Vanjie does Amy Winehouse look (I would pay to see that Snatch Game performance). The Aggressive Executive look is incredibly chic, it’s very Chanel but also clearly Ariana Grande, and it did come with a pantsless reveal

because of course it did!
Her Marbella look was the most of what I expected, it’s glitzy, it’s glamorous and she looks phenomenal, if maybe flashing a little too much of the uncanny Barbie crotch – the perils of being a drag queen. The wig maybe isn’t the best quality wig she has, but I got the vibe.

Hugáceo Crujiente

Her trashy look was EVERYTHING, just all out playboy trackie set, horrifically backcombed hair that still holds a grudge against you and of course the tiny little bedazzled phone

It’s pure early 2000s joy and I love her for it.
The business executive was really cute, I enjoy that she was dressed as a literal shark complete with a massive bite taken out of her brief case, my favourite part of the whole thing was the makeup

it’s just really interesting to look at. And while her Snatch Game was in no uncertain terms HORRIBLE, she at least pulled off the Mona Lisa look

I just really wish she had had jokes. Any jokes. 1 joke would have been good.
As for the Marbella look, her presentation was really fun, she somehow looks like an Aardman Animations character which I think is mostly down to just how expressive her face is and how her eyes never seem to close and are always open to their widest. The dress is very cute, it’s got that lovely draped shape that was really popular in the early seasons of Project Runway. I like it and I love that Hugáceo always brings colours to the runway.

Dovima Nurmi

If you’re confused about the trashy girl look, don’t worry we all are – it’s like a late 90s Euro pop DJ did a remix of the Grease soundtrack. This definitely did also feel a little like Dovima not wanting to leave her comfort zone, which I imagine is about to come and bite her on the ass.
Her executive look is incredible – as you would expect from a Mugler blazer and YSL pumps, but she added a fun twist of being some sort of horrifying piscine vampire

but I don’t think anything can top her dressing up as Princess Anne wearing Diana’s “Revenge Dress” and teetering around the stage and giving the on set medics a heart attack every time she came just that little bit too close to the edge.

Killer Queen

I really liked Killer’s approach the challenge and playing one character with a gradually worsening hairline as she progressed through each look, always with some sort of alcoholic beverage on hand. I think with her final look there was a little too much going on and I kind of lost the train of thought she was going for though.
She thoroughly deserved her win, even just for the shiny pink tracksuit but also because she killed it in Snatch Game as Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who I didn’t know but by the end of it I did, although still absolutely stumped by the cobblestone joke

I’m just going to trust her on that one.

Arantxa Castilla la Mancha

I think this is the best Arantxa has looked on the runway all season and it’s mostly because she got to really ham up her characters but these were also her most polished looks. The trashy one is really cute, if a little pyjama adjacent. The executive one was apparently meant to be obviously be inspired by Legally Blonde which… Sure, I guess? I just love that her dog prop was one of those horrifying, bug-eyed toys that she had made immeasurably more terrifying by giving it a fanged snarl

It’s a strong season for gift shop plushies.
As for her Marbella look, I wont lie, I’m a little confused why she’s dressed as cult leader Donatella Versace but I do love a big sleeve and her big pants more than made up for the lack of pants everywhere else.

Pupi Poisson

Well, I’m glad someone is representing drunk women at Pride – I can’t really say the look made a whole lot of sense and felt distinctly like Pupi put it together in the Werk Room with 10 minutes on the clock.
The executive one is as baffling as anyone else’s but I can’t be mad at the little leather bondage cap – a better bra might have elevated the whole look a little bit though.
But I think her reveal into her Marbella look might have been The Moment of the episode, if mostly because I thought everyone said “OH MY GOD! It’s RuPaul!” at first, which I thought was deliciously rude. It’s actually Rappel Paya, who I believe is some sort of a medium and might have been on the Spanish Big Brother? It’s very hard to find anything about him because Google keeps translating his name to “Abseiling” so, apologies.

A Trashy Chick Look Ranking

  1. Hugáceo’s Bebo Profile
  2. Sagittaria as Vanjie as Amy Winehouse
  3. Killer Queen’s Origin Story
  4. Arantxa’s Trashy PJs
  5. Dovima’s Salon Owning Ibiza DJ
  6. Carmen’s Inaugural Fur Bikini
  7. Pupi Poisson’s Drunk Pride

An Aggressive Executive Look Ranking

  1. Sagittaria’s Business in Front, More Business in the Back
  2. Dovima’s Business Angler Fish
  3. Killer Queen’s Flask Accessory
  4. Carmen’s Pantless Kardashian
  5. Hugáceo’s Shark Attack
  6. Arantxa’s Flea Market Legally Blonde VHS Tape
  7. Pupi’s Horseback Riding Fetishist

A Marbella Jet Set Look Ranking

  1. Dovima’s Little Black Dress
  2. Hugáceo’s Sunburnt Lady Tottington
  3. Pupi’s Rappel Reveal
  4. Sagittaria’s Glam But Safe
  5. Carmen’s Clashing Tan
  6. Killer Queen’s Everything And The Kitchen Sink
  7. Arantxa’s Bed Sheet Cult Leader

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