The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race: The Snow Ball

rita on the floor

Executive Holiday Party Realness

You know, that one night of the year that the head of the office tries their best to seem fun and relatable but is ultimately just super cringe.

Rita Baga

executive realness rita baga

I’m not saying Linda Blecher dressed as The Sexy Joker can’t be a CEO of anywhere but this is not giving me excutive ANYTHING.


executive realness jimbo

You live and die in a Ball by how well you fit the category and I’m not sure the Derrick Berry mistletoe crotch reveal was… it. Jimbo failing to read the room is a delight nonetheless.

Scarlett Bobo

executive realness Scarlett Bobo

I’m getting a lot of Patsy Stone from this, and if there’s one thing that binging all of Absoutely Fabulous over Quarantine taught me, it’s that Patsy should never be put in charge of ANYTHING. I did love this look though, and her mug was STUNNING. Also, the burning the cash was a nice touch.


executive realness Priyanka

She’s not a regular CEO, she’s a cool CEO. This I got, this is the Michael Scott approach to holiday office parties.

Apres Apres-Ski

Walking home in the snow after one too many and trying desperately to not slip on the ice? I lived on the East campus of York University – this was my category every Saturday night.

Rita Baga

Walk of Shame Rita Baga

Flats on the runway is it? Also a rough night for Betty DeVille from Rugrats.


Walk of Shame Jimbo

Delving once again into the realms of Creepypastas with her Rainbow Brite acid trip – honestly stan Jimbo. I’m sad about the outcome of the episode but looking at her looks – it was the right decision.

Scarlett Bobo

Walk of Shame Scarlett Bobo

I liked the Adam Sandler film character approach she took – the icicle effect was about as successful as the one Jan tried out – it looked more… let’s be PG and say alien slime than ice. And I do always love and entirely superfluous legwarmer.


Walk of Shame Priyanka

I’ve seen this girl. I’ve been this girl. She did what I think a lot of queens forget about in a Ball Challenge – REALNESS is a major factor in the more pedestrian categories and I think this is what saved Priyanka in many ways. And the details like the Gia Gunn eyelash hanging by that last bit of glue is a perfect cherry on the cake.


Ice Queen Eleganza

Ah, the homemade challenge in which you basically hate to glue as much silver stuff to your body as you could physically manage within the time limit.


Ice Queen Eleganza Jimbo

Remember in the Season 11 ball where they had to do the wintery looks and Kameron Michaels dressed up as a nightmarish Jack Frost? Who am I kidding, nobody remembers Kameron Michaels… Basically Jimbo looks like the villain from an animated Russian Christmas film from the 70s.


Ice Queen Eleganza Priyanka

Priyanka tentatively walking down the runway like a wading bird so that she didn’t stand on and rip her… what we shall generously call a skirt right off. There were also a million more flattering ways to attach things to a corset .

Rita Baga

Ice Queen Eleganza Rita Baga

This has A LOT of impact when she first turns the corner – that headpiece is major and her corset is certainly more effective than Jackie Cox’s Frozen Eleganza shin guard thing she wore. But the padding is off – and like Michelle said, it’s not an absolute necessity, but giving yourself that bit of a extra shape would just sell your garment that much more.

Scarlett Bobo

Ice Queen Eleganza Scarlett Bobo

Look, if we’re going to call out Priyanka for gluing shit to a corset, we can call out Scarlett for gluing shit to a bra, grated it’s better glued. bt she did make that whole cape – the temptation to use the “it’s a piece of a fabric” meme is almost overwhelming. But this character she created is SO GOOD. It’s a little bit Xmen but also a tad Austin Powers – I’m into it. And the makeup – honestly I’m not sure anyone, other than maybe Ilona, had a better mug every runway than Scarlett.

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jeffrey smokey eye

Jeffrey is going through a phase.

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