Drag Race 13, Episode 8: Catgirl Recognition

Who amongst us didn’t try to cut their own bangs during Lockdown?

I hope you like Rusicals because there is 11 minutes of it in this episode and maybe 3 cast members who can sing. It’s like high school theatre all over again.

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Drag Race 13, Episode 7: Anti-comedian

This is the UK’s new Covid monitoring system.

Brace yourselves because here comes the second instalment of The Bossy Rossy Show that absolutely nobody asked for but at least they’ve not allowed anyone to dress up as a baby this time – once a season is once too many already.

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Drag Race UK 2, Episode 5: A Concerning Shade of Ham Pink

Hello, H&M customer services, how may I help you?

I apologise that this recap is up late – I didn’t sleep a wink on Thursday night because all I could hear was that cursed “Ding Dang Dong, Sing Sang Song, Bing Bang Bong” chorus running through my head like a freight train.

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Drag Race 13, Episode 6: The Wildly Transmogriphying Clown

What is Utica’s obsession with dressing like a piece of art that Phoebe Buffay made?

Have you ever wanted to learn about the history of disco through a series of RuPaul’s anecdotes followed by a dance routine so sloppy that it makes you question the very concept of human motor skills? Then I’ve got just the thing for you!

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Drag Race 13, Episode 5: Trying His Caucasian Best

I love this production of Hamlet!

I see they’re permanently sticking with the early Ball Episode which means 36 looks and that’s why this recap was up a day late… But also I had to take several hours off because LaLa Ri’s bag dress was about to give me a hernia.

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