Drag Race Down Under, Series 1, Episode 3: Limitless Opera Necklaces

Australia’s Got Talent certainly has some alternative acts.

If this episode accomplished anything, it at least managed to rid me of the earworm that was Bing Bang Bong. Now I just spontaneously sing “Queens, Down Under!” like Jesy Nelson’s doing her Jamaican accent.

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Drag Race 13, Episode 12: Radiant and Slightly Noseless

I think that’s a pretty good visual summation of this episode from start to finish.

It’s the roast episode and how will everyone fair after we sent home The Comedy Queen of New Yawk? Well according to her version of the roast that she posted to YouTube, better.

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Drag race 13, Episode 10: Secret Slutty Housewives of Drag

Symone dressed The Cat in the Hat BUT FASHION! being given a tour of Utica’s fetish gear is Peak Drag Race.

With the UK series successfully dodging the makeover episode I had some hopes for the American version doing the same but alas, they’ve found a work around.

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