The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race: Welcome to the Family

priyanka carrying the competition

Actual footage of Priyanka carrying the competition.

Well, it’s always my least favourite episode because the rules of the runway are so wishy-washy and forcing the queens to create a family resemblance is not as much as fun as just letting their makeoveree design their own drag persona. But this was one of the better iterations of the challenge, mostly because of who was getting the makeover – it was heartfelt, emotional and extremely poignant, may other versions of the show take note of how well this was received.

So with that said lets take a look at the makeovers:

Scarlett and Violet BoBo

Scarlett and Violet

This is just confusing – the lime and navy dance recital bodysuits paired with the clunky, oversized leather fringe jackets that hide any sense of shape AND THEN topping it all off with some Lady Gaga cosplay wigs? A confusion of wildebeests. I wish she has just gone more rock and roll with it – her makeup suits that style and it would have really helped separate her from the rest of the queens.

Lemon and Lime

Lemon and Lime

Woof. I don’t have *as much* of an issue with making someone look older than they are – it’s a fun aspect of drag BUT Lemon was absolutely not going for the Mother/Daughter theme (a mother and a daughter are still family, Jeffrey) and boy was this not only a makeup hatchet job on her very cute makeoveree Rebal but herself:

Lemon and Lime makeup

Where’s your contour? It’s like she ran out of time and had to forsake any blush, contour or bronzor. I’m also mystified by Lemon’s penchant for not shaping her body in any noticeable way – whether it be pads, a bra or cinching.

Rita and Tari Baga

Rita and Tari Baga

This is cute, it’s playful and a nice touch of whimsy that was lacking from a lot of the other teams. I don’t think she deserved to be in the bottom at all because her makeover was at least cohesive and successful.

Priyanka and Elektra

Priyanka and Elektra

I really like it when a queen makeover and success in the challenge doesn’t rely purely on wearing EXACTLY the same outfit = I know they aren’t too far removed from one another but at least it’s not just straight up identical. And both of them just look straight up gorgeous.

Jimbo and Bimbo

Jimbo and Bimbo

How is it that Bimbo just lowkey came out looking the best anyone has looked on the runway? I MEAN DAMN – the moment that spotlight hit her highlight an angel was born. Jimbo knocked it out of the park and I think it’s a real achievement to get someone new to drag to come out on stage in a full latex getup and be silly and sexy on their first outing and she didn’t get nearly enough acknowledgement for that.


michelle guest host

She’s baaaaaaack.

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