The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race: U Wear It Well

Limber up ladies, it’s the final sprint.

The Finale Runway

Ah, the final runway – where regality an royalty is the name of the game and one of the few times you can truly gauge a queen’s taste level.

Scarlett Bobo

For someone who prided themselves on being “The punk rock queen” this is decidedly – not that. Her mug is GORGEOUS but then the 2008 Amy Lee at the Kerrang! Awards dress feels dated in a way that just isn’t exciting. I think I’m just bored of pink and black as ~an aesthetic~.


You could tell me she made this in 6 hours before the runway and I would believe you. I love the accessories but they feel distinctly let down by the sea anemone on her chest.


Speaking of sea creatures…


BOA has a servely underrated mug – her makeup was always phenomenal (when the lighting permitted) and this is a perfectly serviceable, finale runway gown.


Thank you to Sewing Bee for teaching me what a Terno Sleeve was in time for this – it might just be because it’s such a different colour to everyone else’s looks but this is pretty fantastic and brings some much needed drama.

Juice Boxx

Maybe it’s because we literally got only 2 rather tragic looks from Juice Boxx, but this is on such a level that it feels completely out of left field – and it’s got to be said but she’s one of the few queens on the season who actually has their padding situation on lock.

Rita Baga

God blee Rita suddenly realising she had to wear this look for the finale runway and suddenly come up with her “I’m a secret alien” narrative in the final episode and pretend it had been this running gag all the way through – hot dogs were more “her thing” than being an alien. I love the dress but that shade of green is, more Godzilla than it is alien.


God bless the most terrifying cake stripper in all of Canada.

Ilona Verley

Every now and again there is a look that truly transcends the runway and the show and carries a much heavier weight to it – and this is one of those few occasions. It’s incredibly hard to critique this as a look – it’s, as I understand, a Jingle Dress – a ceremonial outfit from various Native American and First Nations tribes. Also, the red hand over the mouth is a symbol associated with Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, a truly frightening and prevalent epidemic – and all together this is quite The Moment.

Anastarzia Anaquway

THIS, is a gown for the ages. She got a poor showing on the show – there were a lot of poor runway concepts stacked at the beginning, and I thoroughly suggest checking out her instagram.

Tynomi Banks

I gagged. I screamed. I adore this – sure I wish there was a touch more shape in her mid-section but this is just so gloriously regal in an un-traditionally Drag Race way that I find it a nice change of pace.


Talk about absolutely just pissing all over the runway – the regality, the sumptuousness, the glitz, the glamour – this look has everything in spades – we have no choice but to stan.

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