Strictly 2021 – Week 4, Results Show: March of Androgynous Sexual Fury

I see Dan has hit the part of the school disco where the sugar high really kicks in.

Despite the fact we’ve had a couple drop out of the competition we continue on with the results show as normal by booting the novelty dance, who could have seen it coming?

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Strictly 2021 – Week 2, Results Show: Soho Booze Run

And every Sunday evening the Teletubbies make a blood sacrifices to their Sun Goddess to sate her unquenchable thirst.

After a chaotic, scattershot conclusion to the leader board, the First Boot of the series was always going to be a heart-breaking affair.

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Strictly 2020: A Retrospective!

It’s been a rough year but Strictly still managed to find a way to shine and provide us with a glinting sequin of joy in a year that lost its sparkle within a matter of months. And what better way to honour the success they managed to make of it than a little retrospective, by which I mean a series of lists including Best Dances, Favourite Contestants and of course Best and Worst Outfits.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 6, Results Show: Tax Evading Jazzy Devil

Happy 10th birthday to Bruno Tonioli! They grow up so fast.

With another bungled up three way tie and a fan favourites languishing at the bottom of the leaderboard this was always going to be a bit of a ride of a Results Show but don’t worry we’ve got 2 special guests! (Or do worry, I don’t know how you feel about Gary Barlow and dancers from that show I kept forgetting to watch).

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