Drag Race España, Season 1, The Finale: A Fashion Recap

I am formally founding The Carmen Farala’s Under-eye Sequin Appreciation Society.

And so one of the best seasons of Drag Race has to come to a close – there’s been great queens, good judges, fun challenges, the only thing lacking have been the subtitles as countless Spanish people have let me know. Blame WOW.

Music Video Stars

As usual the finale involved the making of a music video and seeing as the queens put more effort into their looks than the Season 13 girls did (4 shades of negligees do not an interesting music video make) I thought we might as well talk about them, and I also just wanted an excuse to use the gif of Killer Queen dancing like she was some sort of Goomba Boss in a Super Mario game

I love her, I love her enthusiasm and I love how much everyone lives for her death flops

Rosé and Jan have NOTHING on her.
As for her outfit, I really quite liked it

It’s your basic, go-to drag queen dance number but the embellishments are cute, it’s well accessorised and I really love this wig on her! Also, her commitment to those patent leather combat boots is as admirable as Sagittaria’s to her Perspex pleasers.
Speaking of Sagittaria, she was doing her usual

It’s good, I think the barrenness of the torso makes it a little lacking, if those clavicle-like embellishments had gone all the way down and connected to the belt I would love this a lot more. But I do enjoy the burnt pepperoni nipple pasties

and they are about 70% of the outfit.

And then there was Carmen doing as Carmen does and looking every inch the knockout

it’s not the most wildly exciting outfit but she will always look phenomenal in red – the necklace doesn’t necessarily fit in with the outfit and I think it was more to cover up the neckline of the illusion netting but the frills on the dress gave her a lot of nice movement and the wig is enviable.

A Full Haus

Of course for the finale all of the queens were back and giving it their all for one last memorable look and I think we might have been robbed with The Macarena going home first but I’m glad she got to show off her best Gundam Wing cosplay

Nobody is allowed to correct me this isn’t just a Mobile Suit – LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT. To think, she lost a lipsync against Dovima Nurmi wrapped in a hosepipe, I too would come back looking like I was prepared for intergalactic warfare.

Drag Vulcano was next and as usual not risking there being a chance of being underdressed

that is an entire species worth of pheasant feathers, so welcome to the red list, your service was admirable and appreciated.
It does feel like just about everything Vulcano has done already but this does also feel like the pinnacle of her aesthetic so good for her.

It still blows my mind that Inti went out third, largely by their own volition and I’m glad to see everyone going apeshit for their look

and weirdly the editors decided that we needed as extensively rude shot of Inti’s precarious toes

You know, just for Wiki Feet!
I think what Inti does best is create a real cultural clash with their looks – the makeup and the accessories drawing from their love of their cultural heritage while the dress has a very classic, vintage feel to it. I think it’s successfully pulled off and I wish we had had the opportunity to see more of Inti’s looks walk down the runway.

Arantxa Castilla la Mancha was next and looked really quite stunning in her playful Ghostface-cum-Elvira look

They’re certainly the best set of bangs that she’s had all season, and I love the way the eyelashes just go over them.
The outfit isn’t greatly exciting but I got a real hoot out of her scaring herself with the mask

I think she’s my perfect flavour of camp.

I was mostly excited to see what Hugáceo Crujiente would wear for a big finale runway and I think they delivered on every level

I might maybe wish there was something a little more going on with the pants, they’re just a little oddly plain but when the focal point is so obviously the divine, religious, Baroque headpiece you can’t really blame them for maybe muting the crotch. Also, a big fan of the pearl studded tights, may more queens embrace them.

And Dovima looked every bit the glamourpuss that you would expect from her, also her hips can double up as a GCSE maths problem

I like this slightly softer look on her, I think it suits her features nicely! And the gown was incredible, if slightly encumbering – clearly she learnt nothing from the judges constantly telling her to maybe wear things that don’t make her hobble down the runway.

And the last of our eliminated queens, and current reigning Spanish Miss Congeniality, Pupi Poisson

this gives me major Themyscira vibes and feels delightfully out of left-field for Pupi – which I like, I think she looks pretty phenomenal actually. You can’t really go wrong with a big pair of fuck-off wings now can you? And it’s nice that she at least managed to get a few pheasant feathers in there after Vulcano seemed to deplete the world’s resources.

And now for the first of our Top Three, Killer Queen who certainly gave The Macarena a run for the Cosplay Crown

I’ll always appreciate an Ursula reference, she is after all a God Tier Disney Villain (and yes, I am slightly bitter that Melissa McCarthy is playing her in the live-action remake when Queen Latifah and umpteen musical theatre drag queens WERE RIGHT THERE!)
As for Killer’s take on Ursula, I love the bodice and I think her hair and makeup are the best she’s had all season! The bustle doesn’t really work for me, it’s much too stiff and cumbersome. I get that you kind of need the volume for the full Ursula fantasy but I think this would have worked better and still read as Ursula if she had just had it as a sleek gown. Or she just needed a lighter weight fabric for the train.

Carmen Farala was next and also rocking a big ass bustle

As usual, she looks phenomenal – the fact her makeup has defied the horrendous lighting all season is nothing short of a miracle and everyone should probably be asking her for tips. I like the dress, I do think it looked significantly better once she took off the train during the lipsync

but I get why you’d want a little drama while you walk.

And lastly we have Sagittaria and her ode to Mugler

Shout out to the lack of the pleasers!
It’s a beautiful outfit, as should be the case if you’re knocking off Mugler. The work on the corset is absolutely stunning, I’d have maybe liked a little something to be done with the skirt, the two pieces feel a little disparate to me but it’s very minor.

And so that’s Espana wrapped up! I’m very happy with the Carmen Farala win, she’s been a superstar all season and really deserved the win from the moment she called RuPaul’s music “repetitive crap”.
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