Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 6: A Fashion Recap

As someone who had their fringe grow out during Lockdown, Dovima’s roast felt like a personal attack against me.

Another great week for Drag Race España with a not toe-curlingly awful roast challenge despite a puppet mini challenge that forced me to have a 20 minute nap because Sagittaria and Dovima bombed in it so hard.

The theme for this week’s runway was A Night of 1000 Rosalías. It’s not a bad choice, she just hasn’t really been active for that long so doesn’t have a wealth or variety of looks to draw from so everyone did end up looking a little similar and I imagine had this runway been done earlier in the season then there would have been a fair few overlaps – even with just the 5 of them there still was a narrow a miss.

Dovima Nurmi

Well this is probably the closest to a Dovima look you could get within Rosalía’s oeuvre – it’s got that very sex kitten look to it. It is of course an exact replica of Rosalia’s performance outfit from the 2019 VMAs

and as far as that goes, it’s really damn good! It’s not the most exciting look, I’d have loved to see her do something along the lines of the red leather flame-cut bodice from the Con Altura video which I think Dovima could have made work

but given that everyone else came in red, it benefitted her slightly to be in black.
Dovima certainly stood out in a variety of other ways though – her roast was one of the best ones in terms of the jokes, unfortunately she was sabotaged by her wig that had a mind of its own

I’m not sure if that really warranted a bottom 2 placement but considering it gave us this week’s lipsync in which she just stood there while Sagittaria gave it all the sex appeal she could and Carmen and Killer Queen had complete breakdowns in the background

I’m gonna say she’s one of my favourite Drag Race queens. She played a phenomenal villain for the show and left having at least somewhat redeemed herself, I think. Honestly, if we’re doing international All Stars, bring her back ASAP, I love my dead pan, cold hearted ice queen.

Pupi Poisson

This is a stupidly good and at first I thought “She really just bought a tracksuit from Primark and glued shit to it, huh?” BUT IT’S A PERFECT RECREATION OF THE MOMENT FROM THE MUSIC VIDEO

and I really don’t think she got enough credit for at least being creative with the brief – and for managing to convince them to allow her to wear an outfit consisting mostly of heavy artillery weapons and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire! The US and UK versions of the show would have nixed this and told her couldn’t.

Carmen Farala

This look has to go down in Drag Race history because she made it in, what? Half a day? While simultaneously writing one of the best stand up performances we’ve seen on Drag Race? (It’s a low bar, but you get my point.) She had originally had the exact same outfit as Dovima and decided that she’d change and work something out. It’s impressive in and of itself but the fact she managed to recreate Rosalia’s 2020 Grammys dress from memory given that they’re sequestered without access to the internet is one hell of a feat

Honestly, Carmen ate this episode and I think it’s pretty much cemented her as the winner. Which we kind of knew from the moment she rode that bull in episode 1.

Killer Queen

It was also a really good episode for Killer Queen, who I’ll admit I didn’t see making it this far but after Snatch Game she really hit her stride and I love that for her – she’s just such a sweet character who I was worried would be eaten alive by the Drag Race megalith. As for her runway look this week – it’s really, really good! It’s the prettiest she’s ever look, it doesn’t feel like she’s hiding behind anything, despite the fact she’s got a zoo gift shop snake wrapped around her had. It truly is the season of soft toy animals. It’s of course a nod to Rosalia’s Vogue shoot

and again, I really can’t stress enough how beautiful Killer looked

It’ll be really interesting to see her post-show glow up.


Well, I guess she couldn’t find any evidence of Rosalía wearing perspex pleasers. It’s kind of just a generic Rosalía performance look. As Sagittaria explained, Rosalia mostly wears red and A LOT of it is leather. My favourite part of it all are the nails, and the fact Sagittaria obviously hated this look and wanted nothing more than to take it off. PVC under studio lighting will do that to a girl.
She looked phenomenal during the roast though

I think with all her looks, I’ve always responded best to the ones where she does a more classic, vintage vibe and doesn’t try to be a very modern, fashionable queen – she just has a look for them.

A Rosalia Look Ranking

  1. Killer Queen, The Fashionable Snake Rack
  2. Carmen’s 12 Hour Dress
  3. Pupi Poisson vs The World
  4. Sagittaria’s Discomfort
  5. Dovima Nurmi does what Dovima Nurmi does best

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