Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 2: A Fashion Recap

Someone please commission the cinematic universe about this group of superheroes.

The second episode brings us looks suitable for a girl band (kind of) and a tribute to La Veneno, whose Wikipedia page I thoroughly suggest you look up and then watch every possible YouTube video you can about her.

Girl Bands

My absolute favourite thing about the girl group challenges on Drag Race is the fact the queens can never really plan for it in advance and so we always end up two teams that have absolutely no cohesive aesthetic and this season of Drag Race España was a vintage year for it

just absolutely no attempt to match, God bless each and every one of them.

Five and a Quarter

Quite why this name was so funny to them and where the quarter comes from, I cannot tell but I trust Pupi and her relishing of the absurd.

Arantxa Castilla La Mancha

Honestly, I’m mostly obsessed with her dedication to having the worst bangs you could possibly imagine, the rest of the outfit I can give or take, it was a perfectly fine pink jumpsuit but the wig just fascinates me.


This is really cute – can’t say I get the wig choice but I really love the neon green shoes with the pink star dress, it’s just unfortunate that Inti couldn’t quite work it during the routine because she is cursed to forever dance like a heron trapped in treacle – but she looked great and the lyrics “I-N-T-I Big fat pussy! INTI!” will live in my head rent free for years to come.

Pupi Poisson

I admire the attempt to at least match the level of insane glitz that Drag Vulcano was bringing and it’s a perfectly great performance outfit that maybe didn’t need the tinfoil hat but it gave it a retro sort of 60s space bimbo vibe.

Dovima Nurmi

This was my favourite look for either of the groups, that being said it’s not particularly “girl group” but it suited her more sultry, slow verse and amongst everyone else’s more glitzy, bubblegum pop looks she really stood out.

Drag Vulcano

I wish I was as dedicated to anything as she is to those damned horse hooves – and power to her because they didn’t limit her movement *too much* although the same can’t be said for her coat that even 4 drag queens struggled to take off her

but I do always find her makeup to be interesting and we’ve gone from Sea Urchin Clown to the newly canonised St. Sonic The Hedgehog

at least she’s never boring.

The Metal Donnas

Again, this was apparently a *very* funny name to Sagittaria and Carmen and I don’t know if the pun ends at the fact it just sounds a bit like Madonna or if there’s more to it and I’ll just trust them that it was a very clever play on words.

Carmen Farala

she hit that stage and she just became Jennifer Lopez,

it was pretty hard to focus on anyone else – mostly because the dizzying lighting catching her leotard made it pretty hard to see anything and pretty much solidified her as The Lead.


Again, it’s a lovely little stage number, I think it would have been a lot better without the feather embellishments or she needed to wear a ponytail, something about the way the feathers and hair intermingle just looked a little unkempt.

Hugaceo Crujiente

She was always going to struggle the most to blend into a girl group and I kind of enjoy that she made absolutely no attempt to because this look is *very* cool – the volume in the sleeves worked really well while she kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really danced. I’m sure in the US Drag Race she would have been called up on it but this series is so chill about it all, it’s refreshing.

Killer Queen

I might be a stan because nothing in this entire episode brought me more joy than Killer Queen failing to hit any of the choreography in time

and she was just living her best life, what a beautiful cinnamon roll of a person. I will protect her with my life.
As for the outfit, it’s a strong look and one of the more put together and polished of the lot and I love a tiny little glove moment.

A Girl Group Look Ranking

  1. Carmen Farala as Jennifer Lopez
  2. Dovima Nurmi as Gothy Spice
  3. Killer Queen’s 5 Second Delay
  4. Sagittaria as a Partially Plucked Dove
  5. Inti The Star Spangled Banner
  6. Hugaceo Crujiente as an Impressionist Spice Girl
  7. Drag Vulcano as Very, Extremely Tall Spice
  8. Pupi’s Tinfoil Hat
  9. Arantxa’s Lockdown Bangs

A Tribute to La Veneno

The runway theme this week was for the queens to create a tribute to trans icon La Veneno, a Spanish TV personality, who is arguably one of the most famous transwomen and generally a beloved Spanish queer icon, sadly she passed away in 2016 but there is a TV series about her life called Veneno that is very good if you can get hold of it.


I am both very impressed by this runway and a little eh about it because La Veneno had such a flamboyant style that I was hoping for a little bit more, but Sagitarria certainly embodied her sensuality. I do wonder how long it’ll take before she actually wears clothes down the runway though.

Pupi Poisson

When they first announced the category I thought they they had said Telenovela so I was pretty confused as to why Pupi was dressed as Carol Baskins on a hen do in Magaluf but in retrospect, it makes perfect sense and this is a literal La Veneno costume.

Drag Vulcano

You’ll never guess what was under this exceptionally beautiful trenchcoat that could hide at least 3 people in it…

I do find it a lovely tribute and the sort of Catholic look it has gives it a lot of impact, it just would have been nice to see Vulcano change up her aesthetic even marginally because her looks are kind of all blending into one and this would have been the perfect challenge to do it in.


I loved this when she first came out, the silhouette has such good impact and after the last couple of runways that were a lot flashier, it was a nice change of pace. Of course it was a reveal and this moment of serenity couldn’t last forever and Inti ripped it off to reveal quite the crochet project

I think I like it, I wish it had maybe been more stable but I’m going to assume the fact it was seemingly falling to bits was all for narrative effect.

Killer Queen

The Catholicism was very strong this episode but it works and I really love that she had this whole idea to make an angel costume in the colours of the trans flag and while the wings are maybe a little flimsy looking, especially when they moved, as a tribute to La Veneno, it’s very sweet and lovely and honestly, she should have been in the top this episode and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Dovima Nurmi

I think this outfit is the absolute closest that Dovima could get to maintaining her usual vibe while also doing La Veneno cosplay and I think she did a really great job and I look forward to everyone comparing it a Katya look in the morning.

Arantxa Castilla La Mancha

I can appreciate what Arantxa was going for with the whole body confidence angle – I don’t have the time or energy to fully unpack the fact Arantxa (who is slim) is having to make a body confidence statement but that was her angle and it played nicely with La Veneno and her unapologetic sexuality. The look however, to me, skews a little too grunge in a sort of 90s epoch of gothiness.

Hugaceo Crujiente

Is this look really cool? Yes, I love it but for this particular it’s kind of nonsense with her whole reasoning of channelling La Veneno’s energy – just admit you had this in your closet already and you really wanted to wear it for a runway. Any runway.
Hugaceo has also now done more mainstage runway looks without a wig than famously wigless queen Joey Jay. We appreciate the bravery.

Carmen Farala

You’ll never guess but this theatre curtain she swaddled herself in was actually a reveal, but my God WHAT A REVEAL

Crown her right now. This is exquisite. Nobody can do an Eve and the snake look ever again that’s for sure. And then the fact Carmen spent the entire judging session with her arm holding the snake up, refusing to lower it and evidently being in excruciating pain? Slightly unhinged but a power move nonetheless.

A La Veneno Tribute Look Ranking

  1. Adam and La Veneno.
  2. Dovima’s La Veneno Cosplay.
  3. Inti’s Crochet Nightmare.
  4. Killer Queen Said Trans Rights.
  5. Pupi Poisson as Carol Baskin La Veneno.
  6. Drag Vulcano As Three Men In a Trenchcoat.
  7. Hugaceo vs The Assignment.
  8. Sagittaria Just Likes Being Naked.
  9. Arantxa Meshiness.

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One thought on “Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 2: A Fashion Recap

  1. Natxo

    Metal Donnas is a pun on Mercadona, one of the main supermarket chains in Spain. I guess one of the main traits of Spanish sense of humour is around elevating vulgarity. So many cultural references and puns get lost in translation! I found it quite funny in any case 😂
    I think Las cinco y cuarto refers to Vulcano being so tall, she counts as 1 and a quarter people.

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