Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 5: A Fashion Recap

I’m OK with this Sesame Street reboot.

After an episode that hosted both Snatch Game and a three look Ball, I didn’t think Drag Race España could get more chaotic and then Carmen Farala dressed up as a zombie and deep throated an entire bunch of bananas.

Did Somebody Mention Art?

This week’s runway was themed around Spanish art and I think it might be one of my favourite runways across the franchise – it’s such a cool topic and with Spain’s rich art history it really brought out a lot of GOOD looks, mostly Dali’s, of course, but everyone still managed to look different. I’d really love to see this challenge recreated across the other versions of the show.

Dovima Nurmi

When Dovima hit the runway first, I was a little worried about how the rest of the runway was going to go and if we were just going to get a series of looks that were basically dresses printed with famous pieces of art on them – thankfully, not the case! I don’t by any means hate this, it feels very editorial and I could see it in the pages of W Magazine, it just lacks a bit more of a concept than some the other’s.
The colours are beautiful though – the painting she’s wearing is Dali’s Galatea of the Spheres – and lend themselves well to the sort of Baroque aesthetic she was going for.

Pupi Poisson

First of all, this is the most beautiful Pupi has looked on the runway, she really managed to capture that almost hazy look that Baroque era portraits have. The wig is a bafflement though – it’s a very strange texture and cut, and certainly less Margaret Therese in Velazquez’s Las Meninas and more like a pedigree Pekingese. I adore the dress, show me a panniered gown and baby I’m yours. She of course camped it up to high heaven by flashing her knickerbockers to all and sundry

It wouldn’t be a Pupi Poisson runway experience without some sort of reveal, I suppose.

Killer Queen

She knocked this out the park, sure it’s a little on the nose and obvious but you really just have to admire the workmanship in an outfit like this and I think it’s a pretty rad use of Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” and “The Burning Giraffe”.
The red forehead makeup does feel a little at odds with everything else and I’d have been more interested to see her trying to bring the distorted, dripping shapes of the clock into her makeup to just create a more fully realised look – but also, given the time they have to get ready, I can’t blame someone for painting their forehead red and calling it quits.

Hugáceo Crujiente

I really like this look, it’s like someone did an animated version of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Hugáceo is playing Mercutio. I also really loved the approach of taking the classic, period style of Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, and viewing him through the lens of a modern illustrator, in this case Ricardo Cavolo whose style Hugáceo has captured perfectly – you can check out his work on his Instagram HERE and he seems to have been very touched by the tribute.
The makeup and wig, while cool and interesting, aren’t quite polished enough for what the Drag Race behemoth expects but it’s not awful, despite what Dovima might think, and it’s certainly a look that Hugáceo can be proud to have worn for their last strut of the runway.


I really, REALLY love Dali’s Woman with Flower Head sketch – it’s a beautifully haunting image and I just think with the style of the sketch and the macabre tone of the piece, there was a more inventive and intriguing way to interpret it beyond a leotard and a skirt. I love the gloves hands, I could have done with more of them to be honest but I do think Sagittaria got away with murder on this runway just because she’s thin and beautiful.
The whole thing feels, to me, more like something from Lady Gaga’s Art Pop era than it does a Dali inspired piece.

Carmen Farala

This was nothing but a serve – sure it is kind of just a skirt in a classic vintage silhouette with Joan Miró inspired art painted onto it but her presentation the moment she started spinning and the blue paint dripped from her waist elevated the whole thing. I imagine the floor manager wasn’t *greatly* enthused by the fact they were going to have to spend 10 minutes trying to clear up the litre of blue paint that she left in her wake though.
And the makeup was amazing

That’s a pout that Amanda Lepore would be proud of.

A Spanish Art Runway Look Ranking

  1. Carmen’s Paint Stunt
  2. Killer Queen’s Literal Dali
  3. Hugáceo’s Trip Through Time
  4. Pupi’s Expensive Theatre Rental Costume
  5. Dovima’s Art Attack
  6. Sagittaria’s Less Dali, More Gaga

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