Drag Race Espana, Season 2, Episode 4: A Fashion Recap

Shout out to Drag Race Espana’s endlessly chaotic and entertaining roadkill runway lipsyncs.

Beware: There be Reveal Discourse in this here recap.

Double Trouble

This week’s runway theme was Two Looks In One which is always a tricky runway because, at least in my mind, both the before and after look should manage to be good as stand alone looks – that’s one “two looks in one” implies to me and is the difference between a reveal, which is what I think most of the queens did, which was a little disappointing but a few of the queens still managed to shine.

Juriji der Klee

I was surprised that given her burlesque background that Juriji didn’t have more of a concept for this look because her first look isn’t really anything

a cloak over some bloomers is not “a look” and then very disappointingly her reveal was just… flopping the cloak down to reveal it was actually just a dress the whole time

admittedly, a beautiful dress

I really love that antique gold velvet, it’s a very rich and unusual colour. I do think something went wrong with the reveal because the dress seemed caught in the back because it wasn’t so much a bustle as it was a hump and I think it kind of took away from her silhouette, as did her frilled gloves, it was all just a bit too busy.


God bless the fact she had clearly seen the fact Diamante had brought in a very similar look and has suddenly decided that “mine isn’t an egg, it’s actually a cocoon” while it was still very much obviously a riff on the plant-like eggs from Alien

and the only cocoon we recognise on Drag Race is Jasmine Masters’s Cocoon

Cocoon. This is like a cocoon. Like a butterfly in a cocoon. I’ll be in the cocoon and then I’ll like grow in the cocoon. God bless Jasmine and however many edibles she had had that morning.

But perhaps the bigger problem with Onyx’s look was the look she revealed to which in the steadily building list of Onyx’s alien looks is probably the least good of them

it’s all so clunky and immobile, it’s like the whole thing is made out of milk cartons and cereal boxes – I think these egg shell looks just don’t work and they haven’t ever since Miz Cracker did hers on All Stars 5

it just never ends up looking like clothes – which I suppose Onyx could get away with because hers was meant to be Alien but it still looked really janky.

Venedita Von Dash

She came out in this clearly Troll Doll inspired outfit and I screamed, not because I particularly liked it but because I IMMEDIATELY knew where this was going and I did not appreciate being reminded of Shuga Cane’s Troll Doll look from season 11

it should be an immediately disqualification for ever even tangentially invoking memories of this look – it HAUNTS me. They’re not outrageously fabulous looks but her transition between the two outfits went smoothly and the second outfit still looked and hung like normal clothes. But I did love that she spent a significant portion of her voiceover talking about how much she didn’t like her own outfit

we love a self-aware queen.

Jota Carajota

I’m still baffled as to what that first outfit is even meant to be? Because it looks like she dressed as a tree in a school play

which might be the reason she didn’t bring the outfit out from the dim lights of the backstage, instead spending a good few awkward seconds fumbling with her reveal…

given that her first looks was apparently a nod to Mugler (the word “apparently” doing some heavy lifting there) I’m almost positive that the second look was *trying* to be reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s Camp MET Gala look (the one that looked like a puckered butthole) which was also a Mugler look – both looks at least certainly have the same weird front ruching. And then of course there’s the sleeves that I’m sure seemed fun and dramatic up until she started tripping up all over them during the lipsync… The whole thing just felt like a slightly messier version of her look from the first episode

it’s such a pronounced silhouette that’s hard not to directly compare the two outfits.


I really, really loved Sharonne’s second look – the way it moved in the lighting really was stunning

However, I’m not sure it’s a two in one look because she literally just had the wings and cape wrapped around her – it’s not really “a look” – had she worn *just* that on the runway, you would immediately land in the bottom because you’re just dressed like Katy Perry’s proverbial plastic bag. And I think that’s the difference between “a reveal” and “two looks in one” – or at least, that’s how I interpret it.
And as a side note, her makeup during the Rusical was STUNNING

I am still however waiting for Sharonne to have a fashion moment that really wows me.

Drag Sethlas

When this first came out, I hated it – I have had quite enough of drag queens dressing like babies, I find it to be a thoroughly uncomfortable event every time it happens and it happens much too often.
But what I appreciated about Drag Sethlas’s runway was that it actually had a narrative and a point of view, and didn’t at any point involve being dressed up as an egg

sure the outfits are all a little bit similar, but the transition into the wedding dress was STUNNING

but I think she should have softened her makeup a little bit for these looks – however if she promises to cry it all off in the beginning of every episode from now on, I’ll happy look over it

I honestly think she did the best on the runway and I found her to be very entertaining in the Rusical (most of which went over my head to be honest) and I really think she should probably have been in the top.

Diamante Merybrown

As much as this is another egg, I think she gets away with it more because it’s so campy and referencial and I appreciate that, with the addition of the tutu, she at least tried to make the skirt look more like clothes

I did also love that she kept covering her face with her handbag and I really thought she was going to have painted her face to look like an Easter Bunny – but no, she was just milking every reveal she possibly could

admittedly I think this is the most beautiful she’s looked on the runway, and then of course there was the final reveal into her sexy Transformers costume

I was a little confused by this at first but then I remembered you get toys inside Kinder eggs and so she was dressed as the little toy car in the middle – as much as I don’t like most of the clothes, I appreciate that there was a narrative and a clarity of concept.


this first look is… baffling, especially the fact she said her wig was like the one from Priscilla which it is absolutely not, it’s just a bad wig but I did REALLY like the sort of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo goes to a high society dinner look that she revealed to

it feels distinctly more Marina and you could tell she was much more comfortable in this look and it really suits her.

Estrella Xtravaganza

Aside from the fact the wig is absolutely criminal and should be burnt before someone uses it as evidence against her in a criminal court, this was all a lot of fun! The outfits could have probably been elevated a little bit and the third look was just a bathing suit that you can buy in any store, there’s nothing particularly identifiably 60s about it as she claimed – but I greatly enjoyed her taking the time to put the swimming cap on on the runway rather than having it ready to go under the guinea pig that she was claiming was a wig.

A Two Looks In One Look Ranking

  1. Drag Sethlas: From Cradle to Honeymoon
  2. Diamante’s Kinder Ruprise
  3. Estrella Monroe and Her Guinea Pig Helmet
  4. Marina’s Spy Society Dinner Heist
  5. Venedita be Trolling
  6. Sharonne Had 1 Look
  7. Juriji Antoinette
  8. Onyx Vintage Doctor Who Costume
  9. Jota’s Terry Mugger Original

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