The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race: Miss Loose Jaw

jimbo deep throats the mic

So Rita Baga can choke on hot dogs and gets the win for her professionalism but Jimbo deep throats the microphone and gets NOTHING?

The runway this week was Pageant Perfection and I think it’s a testament to simplicity that these more standard runway prompts often yield more uniformly good runways – that’s not to say I don’t wholeheartedly enjoy it when they make the Queens dress up as Mermaids and Unicorns.

I don’t think anyone this week was actually bad and in any earlier week would probably have all been safe.

Scarlett Bobo

Scarlett Bobo pageant gown

I want to like this SO BADLY, and her face this week is the best it has been (I believe I said that last week so the trajectory is at least good) but there is so much going on in this outfit and none of it goes together – the gaping nude illusion, the half a flamenco skirt, the thigh split, the fur shrug – she is the most indecisive Bond girl you’ve ever seen.

Ilona Verley

Ilona pagant gown

First of all, Ilona absolutely has the best makeup skills of the show – her face is always phenomenal – which is a feat given that the runway lighting is an absolute hate crime. But I can’t quite pin down her taste level – like sometimes she skews incredibly young, highschool rebel and then times like this she ages herself 40 years and shops in the Jacques Vert section of Debenhams.


Jimbo pageant gown

While I love everything about this in a campy vaudevillian send up of out-of-touch wealth, a pageant gown it is not. And for the judges not to even acknowledge the strength of Jimbo’s eyelids with those strings of crystals attached to them is WRONG.

Rita Baga

Rita Baga pageant gown

I like this in theory but the uneveness of the bodice and the shape of the fishtail hem that is somehow more incongruous than when Alexis Mateo wore an entire paddling pool around her shins just really throws me off, also BURN THE WIG.


Priyanka pageant gown

She’s just so pretty – and her in blue just does it for me.


Lemon pageant gown

This was smart and so SPOT ON – she had the mannerisms down to a T – it was adorable and uncanny and I feel like it’s the first time I’ve seen Lemon as a viable competitor. I still think Jimbo was robbed FYI.



jeffrey bower chapman makeup bad

Jeffrey pisses off the makeup team.

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