The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race: Star Sixty-Nine

jeffrey oops

The face you make when you realise you’ve just insulted someone’s acne scars and then made them lipsync to Scar To Your Beautiful.

The runway this week was the tried-and-tested Denim runway – and this time everyone actually used denim!

Rita Baga

Rita Baga denim

I cannot believe they allowed her to win while wearing this bland AF outfit! Sure, she deep-throated innumerable hotdogs to get a good take but guys, she was standing next to Denim Gimp-Jimbo while looking like the losing outfit in a Project Runway challenge in which they had to design a performance outfit for an irrelevant popstar! Her makeup is lowkey the best on the show though, so she at least has that.


Lemon denim

This would have been fine if it was a sewing challenge in which they had just a few hours to make an outfit out of secondhand denim garments but as is, it’s just a little messy and doesn’t quite gel together – it looks like a panic attack.


Priyanka denim

It’s a perfectly serviceable outfit that I think would have benefited hugely from some more exaggerated accessories and some embellishments – 3 safety aint gonna hack it Priyanka.

Ilona Verley

ilona verley denim

Ok, we’re gonna talk about it – JBC’s comments were weird, what was particularly harsh was the specification that she should use FULL COVERAGE foundation, like dude, twist the knife why don’t you. And I think with body issues being such a prevalent issue within the audiences that watch this, I think it did the show a disservice and I think Ilona deserved better than to be treated like that – especially as the outfit is a resounding Fine.

Scarlett Bobo

Scarlett Bobo Denim

This is absolutely the best Scarlett has looked all season – the hair, the makeup, the silhouette – it’s all so divinely 80s.


BOA denim

I lowkey thought this was pretty fucking fantastic – I could see this on Eurovision, give it a wind machine, some dry ice and you’ve got yourself a Scandinavian rock balladeer.


Jimbo denim

Jimbo really just came into this competition saying “I’m going to have the best look every week” huh? I mean, it helps that she works in film and television and has access to a long list of theatrical costume designers but shit is she slaying. I am still trying to process JBC saying “Welcome to the competition, Jimbo” after she won Snatch Game and placed high in both the first two episodes – she literally has the second best track record of the season – and don’t get me started on Rita being the front runner.


Next Week:

stacey injured

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t you fautl?

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    1. Ariadne Griffin

      Honestly! It’s like they’ve been given a list of “catchphrases” to say if they don’t know how to critique someone and he’s just pulling from that at random

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