The Looks of Canada’s Drag Race – Her-itage Moments

BOA sh

The show has a great dental plan.

The category this week was Her-story Repeats itself and the Queens had to wear an elevated version of the outfit they wore for their first time in drag – and I was genuinely surprised that we only had on 2 or 3 Halloween Queens – the jury is out on where Rita Baga was going dressed like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.

11. Tynomi Banks

runway - Tynomi

I mean, when Zendaya has already done the whole Medieval/Joan of Arc look to the absolute highest standard it could ever be done, then everyone else is always going to look a bit disappointing. Although, I think this wold have been vastly improved without the mudflap peplums.

10. Rita Baga

runway - rita

Were the legs being terracotta a purposeful nod to a flowerpot, I need to know.

9. Kiara

runway - Kiara

Never let it go unsaid that skinny queens get away with murder.

8. Kyne

runway - Kyne

I love everything about this individually, and the idea of Lesbian Biker Sea Witch does tickle my fancy, but somehow this just ends up looking like a nemesis of Doug Funnie. BUT, I don’t think the makeup was as bad as the judges made out:

kyne makeup

The shimmer to it was stunning and it was by far and away better than Blair St. Clair’s pink runway YES I SAID IT. It should absolutely have been a black lip though.

7. Ilona

runway - Ilona

I love the Kat from Euphoria vibe this has – and just the punkiness in general BUT, the makeup

ilona makeuo

It just lacked refinement – but her presentation on the runway is a joy, can more queens skip?

6. Lemon

runway - lemon

Do I like this on a middling Eurovision ballad singer from Norway? Yes. Do I like this on a mainstage of Drag Race? Slightly less.

5. Scarlett BoBo

runway - Scarlett BoBo

Is she ranked this highly mainly for eating fire? Yes, C.U.N.T. must be rewarded after all – but this is some Season 9 Trinity The Tuck tickity-tack-tack-tackery.

4. BOA

runway - BOA

Her shape in this is gorgeous – it just fits so impeccably and I think the slightly vampire-esque design is really cool and it’s a superb elevation of her first time in drag.

3. Anastarzia Anaquway

runway - Anastarzia

It’s just utter drag excellence – the hair, THE LASHES, that beautiful gown that accentuates her figure perfectly. Stun. Also, I want to know more about this Miss Endangered Species drag event.

2. Jimbo

runway - Jimbo

Jimbo continuing to just do Creepy Pasta cosplay – I have no choice but to stan.

1. Priyanka

runway - Priyanka

Absolutely robbed this episode. I just love that she had to walk down the runway so Goddamn slowly because that hat was so precariously perched – it was somehow the fiercest thing we’ve seen on the franchise in sometime because you could almost hear the floormanager hurrying her along.

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