Drag Race Espana, Season 2, Episode 2: A Fashion Recap

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After unarguably the best talent show in the entire franchise, the Queens went similarly hard with their BEAST looks.

So this was a GREAT episode – and honestly probably the best episode of the franchise given how hard everyone came with the talent show, even the queens in the bottom would have been easy safes in most other Drag Race talent shows. Because these are fashion recaps, I won’t covering the talent show as sadly nobody made fashion their entire performance

which was probably for the best.

Return of the Queens

Much like during Holland’s season 2 talent show, the queens from season 1 came to sit in the audience and witness the show – I think this is really fun and we should do this more often – sadly they didn’t have the silly “Yaaaas” and “Hmmmm” paddles.

The Macarena

None of their looks were wildly revolutionary but given we didn’t get to see much of The Macarena, it was lovely to see her coming back looking so gorgeous – I do wish that the gloves had been satin rather than velvet, just to make to make it look more cohesive.

Drag Vulcano

Her rhinestone and sequin budget is INSANE – every inch of this is stoned and it might cost at least €1200 to stone a single moon boot so we have to somewhat forgive the beige frilly knickers that could have probably been powder pink to make them blend in a little more because somehow they are distracting from the insanely good wig.


They really did say “Inti, you can come back after the stunt you pulled but we will only give you a mid-shot” – but she looks stunning and very The Cher Show era Cher, when she wore a lot of these sort of wrap dresses because she had the most incredible abs that nobody seems to ever talk about.

Arantxa Castilla la Mancha

Yeah, it checks out. God love her.

Hugaceo Crujiente

So they didn’t film these looks particularly well and so I couldn’t get a shot that showed off exactly how cool this look it – it’s such a uniquely weird silhouette and I love the lines of gold through the Delftware porcelain-esque shell that looks like Kintsugi, which is the Japanese practice of filling in the cracks of broken pottery with gold. It’s exactly the artsy look that I love and expect from Hugaceo.

Dovima Nurmi

If this look looks familiar to you, it’s because Krystal Versace did the exact replication of one of Glenn Close’s Cruella looks during the last season of Drag Race UK

I’m always here for a Cruella reference and I like that Dovima added the extra layer to it with the fake head that perfectly resembles her own, which is very Gucci (and very unfortunately very Jared Leto)

I feel we will inevitably one day have a runway called A Night of 1000 Jared Letos and on that day I will blot out the sun.

Pupi Poisson

I’m not entirely sure why Pupi chose this look to come back in, I thought she’d go for something a little campier (unless I’m missing a reference here?) but it’s perfectly serviceable – I’m not entirely convinced by the wig with it but I like the colour of it.

Killer Queen

This look is cute but I am confused – mostly because I cannot for the life of me work out if she’s actually doing cosplay of one of the Pokemon Gym Leaders or Elite 4 – she kind of just looks like an amalgamation of several of them? And also like a Waterbender from Avatar? It’s a cute look, I just don’t understand… why for this?


This is a knockout – I love these sort of wigs that are swirled and lined with statement colours. I do wish the stoning on the top portion of the bodice was a little more generous – but I love the hip horn and the velvet drapes – which does remind me of Krystal Versace’s Sexy Kuzco look

I do hope these two end up competing on a season of *insert location here* vs The World so we can recreate a very glam version of the Spider-man meme

Hell, throw in Aquaria for good measure.

Carmen Farala

I think I like this? I go back and forth on it – I find the colour very interesting, we don’t see enough teal on the runway but I find the white trimming to be a little clunky and the stark whiteness of it really exaggerates that effect – but at the same time I kind of love the vintage Hollywood vibe that it all has.

Beast Mode

I really loved this runway category, I was slightly surprised that given the title was “Day of the Beasts” that there weren’t more comedy-horror looks that referenced Álex de la Iglesia’s film of the same name – but I also suspect that the original brief was a more generic “bring your best horror look” given a lot of them lacked anything even vaguely beast-like.

Jota Carajota

This is a lot of what I expected from this runway so I wasn’t exactly surprised by it, but I still enjoyed it and I love the colour pallete that she chose – those vivid greens, orange and purples are very Mars Attacks!

and I did think her makeup was a good blend of beauty and monstrous

but again, nothing about the look really surprised me and a lot of it was quite disparate – the black gloves with the very wobbly fingers, the heelless boots and the corset that looks like the front of Harley Davidson that got the Pimp My Ride treatment she had glued to her stomach just didn’t quite gel together.

Juriji der Klee

This look reminds me far too much of the anti-Valentines Day looks that Instagram makeup artists did in the mid 2010s for me to fully enjoy, I just feel like I’ve seen similar looks A LOT – but I enjoyed her shambling walk, I just wish there had been one slightly animalistic element to it to make it more BEAST!, or perhaps make the roses seem more carnivorous? Just something a little extra.

Ariel Rec

Quite why she bothered with the reveal from the bunny costume I’m not entirely sure, especially considering the pustulous, drippy corpse look didn’t relate back to it AT ALL (kind of a foreshadowing to the reveal runway later in the season). I don’t think it’s a bad look, and I really like the balloon effect on her legs – I thought it was done really well. I do kind of wish she had leant a little more into the Donny Darko of it all, imagine if she ripped off the plush bunny ears to reveal a pair of skeletal ears beneath? It would have made no biological sense but who cares? IT’S DRAG!

Samantha Ballentines

Once again, from the tits up. These plastic surgery nightmare looks have become a little bit passé and I’m not sure we need another one, but there’s details here that I like – like the mismatched shoes and the face peeling was suitably gory. But truly the best part of the whole look was Samantha shambling back into the Werk Room in the next episode after the roadkill of a runway in only a diaper with her ripped off face on top of her head

she looks like she died in a Ryan Murphy drama.

Venedita von Dash

So it was at this point that it became apparent that the original brief prior to the season must have been something more generic like “Horror” and then production realised a lot of the queens had animalistic looks so rebranded it as “Day of the Beasts”. I appreciate this as a horror look, I do wish it was slightly less bulky – and I have no idea quite what the glittery butterfly mask had to do with ANYTHING other than that she wanted to reveal to her horror makeup

and admittedly, I think this might have been the best horror makeup on the runway – and sure there were shades of Sharon Needles’s Post-apocaloptic Couture in there, but I think Venedita did enough to make it her own, and certainly went harder on the mummification side of things.


I was really worried for Onyx in this runway given that she had just presented an alien look in the talent show AND THEN

One of my favourite things on Drag Race is when something gets surrounded in divinely petty non-drama, and while Onyx’s drama did get overshadowed by Aja’s bizarre decision to decide that she owns jumping off boxes, I did love that Onyx and another queen had a brief squabble because she showcased a very similar look at a drag show, and then both of them realised that Onyx was actually filming this season when said show happened and the whole argument was over in less than 40 minutes – amazing scenes.

But this look was incredible – I do maybe wish it had been a little transformative and she could have stood up to make it look more like a garment, but given the heaviness of it I can forgive her just having to kind of slowly plod down the runway and I love that she went for a contrasting makeup – it would’ve been easy for her to pull a Silky and just wear a black mask, but instead she went for this Empress of the Racnoss look

or Ezra Miller at the 2021 Met Gala when someone started singing karaoke badly



This was a super interesting look to me – she was basing it off a song, which is in itself a reference to an actual incident that happened in a Spanish club so there’s a little bit of a… yikes about the whole thing, but I think she went about it the right way and not being too literal about the whole thing – which is certainly growth after the queen called Marina wore a sailor’s costume and literally dressed up as her neighbourhood. My only issue with it is that I wish the face on the back of her head was more recognisably human

it’s a little tumorous, but I loved her presentation of the whole thing

she was really selling the drama of it all – it would have been cool if she could have found a way to make it so that when she breathed in her cigarette, that the mouth of the burnt face exhaled smoke.

Drag Sethlas

I think there’s a really great concept in here, I just don’t think this was executed particularly well – I would ditch the hoop skirt entirely and go for a more renaissance style gown but I think the bigger issue is the wolf’s fur, which is kind of a little bit too wooly and is giving me major Llamageddon vibes

and I don’t quite understand why she kept her hands in the muff the ENTIRE time because the wolf’s bedazzled claws wrapping around her waist were kind of the most interesting part of the outfit.


I think this was a good look for Sharonne – it’s an incredibly well put together look and I would have expected her to go down a much more traditional drag route (based entirely on my limited perception of what she does) so it was nice to see her really hamming up the horror and going the full Baby-Button Eyes

and I did love the reveal, mostly because I’m pretty sure she and Venedita had bought the exact same prosthetics

turns out mummies and demonic dolls are only so far removed.

Estrella Xtravaganza

There’s a lot to like about this look – the horror makeup elements are for the most part well executed and certainly have a visceral quality to them – quite why she was wearing Jota’s chain system, I don’t know and I wish she hadn’t bothered with the bib of congealed blood because it looked so cartoonish and kind of just flopped around all over the place like Samantha Ballentines’s breastplate in a lipsync, but I did think her spitting the glass eye out as though it was one of her original eyes was really fun

she’s really good at small details but I think she doesn’t often think about the big picture.

Diamante Merybrown

I adored this, and I particularly loved how utterly revolvted La Zowi was by the whole thing

She really came hoping for a pretty runway show, didn’t she?

Given that Diamante’s look up until this moment have all felt a little small and undercooked, for her to come out swinging with this Shaved Tina Burner’s Beast Look had me GAGGED

and while, as I said with Juriji’s look, that the ring gags are a little played out, something about the rope spilling out of her mouth makes it that much more interesting, and also stomach turning

I was a little surprised that she got away with going barefoot on the runway though.

A Day of the Beasts Look Ranking

  1. Diamante’s Demonic UPS Delivery
  2. Onyx’s Wasp Puppet
  3. Sharonne’s Baby Button Eyes Cosplay
  4. Venedita’s Post-apocoloptic Mummification
  5. Jota’s Business Alien?
  6. Marina as Arson Kressley
  7. Estrella’s Bib of Congealed Blood
  8. Juriji’s Anti-Valentines Day Look
  9. Drag Sethlas’s Llama Attack
  10. Ariel’s Pustulus Water Bunny?
  11. Samantha Does Samantha

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