Drag race Holland, Series 2, Grand Finale: A Fashion Recap

I’m still waiting for that Drag Queen Street Fighter game.

My favourite thing about Drag Race Holland (other than Vanessa) is how the entire show seems to be formatted in the weirdest way possible and this finale was no exception.

At least Drag Race Holland stuck to the format of bringing back the eliminated queens, although it’s unsurprising that Drag Race Down Under in all its bin fire glory kind of threw the entire format out the window. So we’ll go through the looks in elimination order.

Juicy Kutoure

This is good! Is it absolutely the most glamorous baco-foil turkey we’ve ever seen? Well, maybe not because we all saw Brendan Cole wrestling Lisa Snowdon in 2008 and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. My only complaint is that despite the tinfoil assault that the gown is, it feels a little barren – I think knee high boots might have given the outfit a little more direction. Also, some jewellery would be good?

Reggy B

I really like the colour of this, I just wish the actual dress was slightly more interesting or maybe it was and the blue lighting (that I am still incredibly mad at) swallowed the details alive.

Love Masisi

So, we were absolutely robbed of getting to see Love Masisi’s entire wardrobe weren’t we? At least we got to see her dressed as Cthulhu’s space wife. I am maybe a tad confused by the choice of boots – they’re very The Gay Steel Mill from The Simpsons.

Ivy Elyse-Monroe

It turns out, googly eyes are having quite the moment this year! I adore this, mostly because I can once again see Choriza May wearing the exact same thing – she owns power suits, get used to it. I also love that I *think* it’s meant to be punny with the eyes and V belt. I just think she looks pretty great and am firmly in the belief that she got dealt a rotten hand this season.

The Countess

I admit, I did have to rewind at this point because I thought she had brought in her own chandelier – somehow it just feels very much like a part of this Victor / Victoria costume. I had expected something a little more glamorous and opulent from The Countess – she put more effort in just to play the piano in the talent show!


Much like Reggy B, I like this gown in theory I just wish it had a little more detail to it – it feels very flat. A belt in the same colour as the lining might have helped significantly. And I’m not sure how flattering this particular neckline is but A+ earrings, I’m glad someone remembered this was a drag show.

Keta Minaj

I am well informed that “trut” means “bitch” – I think I would have been a little harsher if I had won 3 episodes and been eliminated in the semi-finals. SET THE ENTIRE PLACE ABLAZE. As for the outfit, I love everything about it, it’s crisp, sharp and just very well thought out. And if nothing else, this season has been a delight wig-wise.

Now for the finalists!


This is a really cool outfit and very much speaks to her Dali inspiration. I don’t really know how much she really needed the rather limp tulle train, I think the patchwork octopus blazer is statement enough even for a finale runway. And as ever her makeup was incredible

I do find it an odd choice to have such a cool wig end in a sort of Hot Christian Girl Autumn braid – everything else has so much thought and direction to it that it really stood out to me.

Vanessa van Cartier

OH DAMN. This is just impeccable drag – I would say that the skirt seems like an afterthought but you’ll be unsurprised to learn that the big voluminous skirt paired with the Gilded Pope Armour was in fact a reveal

and thus the look instantly feels much more complete.
Oh, and the tits were detachable too

I’m just thankful that that worked better than Miz Cracker tipping out dust like the world’s most perverse salt shaker in the All Stars 5 final lipsync for the crown.

I also like that Vanessa took to the finale stage without a wig

she’s spoken extensively about how insecure she feels about her hairline and I just thought it was quite a powerful statement and reclaiming of something that obviously makes her feel incredibly dysphoric.
The whole thing was also just a great look to be crowned in.

My Little Puny

Who wouldn’t want to be swaddled in a trans pride duvet? I think the wig is easily the most impressive part of the look, it’s just really fucking cool. But I do like the sort of vague nod to a kimono silhouette without being literally a kimono and us having to have a conversation about whether it’s cultural appreciation or appropriation to wear one for a drag number.

A Finale Runway Ranking

  1. Vanessa van Cartier, Her Gilded Holiness
  2. Vivaldi’s Patchwork Dali Cephalopod
  3. Keta Minaj as Space Battle Cruella
  4. My Little Puny’s Duvet Day
  5. Love Masisi’s Space Crab
  6. Eye-V Elyse-Monroe
  7. The Countess dressed for the Chandelier
  8. Tabitha’s Almost Successful Colour Blocking
  9. Juicy Kutoure’s Turkey Glam
  10. Reggy B’s Very Nice Gown

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