Drag Race Holland, Season 2, Episode 5: A Fashion Recap

If the Mini Challenge gave us nothing else, it at least gave us this screenshot.

It’s the family resemblance challenge so everyone has to be super nice – we don’t want to make someone’s mother cry again. Baga…

Family Matters

We were rather spoilt on All Stars 6 in that we got to skip the Family Resemblance Challenge – the most cursed of all Drag Race Challenges because the metrics by which it are judged are constantly shifting sands. Must they look exactly alike? Must they look older? Younger? Better? Ever so slightly worse? Or just maybe be a really good character on the runway? It is essentially a challenge designed to be able to eliminate anyone. Which does make this episode a touch strange considering they eliminated The Countess who they seemed to be gunning for at least a top 4 placement. Also, they didn’t give their family members fun drag names?
Also, the less said about whatever the Hell happened during the Mini Challenge the better. Gert and Dolf deserved better than any of that.

My Little Puny

Even though this is essentially two people wearing basically the same outfit, I do really like it and think it kind of works given the Tekken aesthetic of it all. I might have liked it more if Puny’s sister’s outfit had had its colours inverted, but given the fact the outfit was made from a fabric printed with their late father’s artwork, I get why they might not have wanted to do that.
It was utter nonsense that this was even remotely near the bottom, let alone put in a three-way Lipsync For Your Life, even if one of Puny’s straps did slip down while she walked the runway.


These are a touch underwhelming – the wigs are incredible though – it’s just the outfits that fall a little flat, the butterfly print doesn’t read as particularly fashionable or chic and I think it fussies up what could have been a fairly modern looking look. Actually it genuinely might have all worked better as a pair of caftans where you can get away with a chintzier fabric. Also, I just really loved Tabitha’s sister on the runway

star of the show, put her on Season 3.

Keta Minaj

Keta definitely best captured the “Roots” theme of the runway with the Indonesian inspired outfits, and they’re certainly opulent and her mother just looks STUNNING

and it was nice to see someone give their mother a makeover that didn’t instantly default to a slightly matronly matriarchal figure – any number of under 25 year old queens could wear this outfit and be praised to the Gods for it.

Vanessa van Cartier

These two have stolen my heart – the story about how they met and fell in love is the stuff dreams are made of, Vanessa (and Stevie for that matter) are incredibly lucky and I want nothing but good things for them.
As for their runway, it was an absolute delight and it was nice to see Stevie so game to camp it the Hell up and play along with everything, and the beat Vanessa gave him

incredible, I can’t wait for Stevie van Cartier to win Season 3.

The Countess

First of all, I covet both of these dresses – they’re absolutely fricking gorgeous. The whole thing just kind of lacked a bit of personality and didn’t give any of that emotional vulnerability that the judges seemed to be particularly looking for with the “Roots” theme of the runway. This was kind of like watching an entire episode of Gossip Girl condensed into a 15 second runway, which I suppose is an achievement.
That being said, The Countess’s friend Lotte looked incredible

Miss Fame called, she wants her face back.


This is going to be a niche pull, but these two really looked like something that YouTuber Dollightful would make, in that they look like two very cute and ever so slightly creepy modified baby dolls.
Much like Keta, it was fun to see a mother figure still getting to be fun and frivolous on the runway – I do think it would have been funnier if she had let her mother flash the crochet tits though

but you know, I’m just glad we got to see some crochet tits – ticking that off the Drag Race bucket list.

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