The Looks of Canada’s Drag race: Not Sorry Aboot It

jimbo eating sandwich

I’m currently working on a conspiracy theory that Jimbo is just a very elaborate David Lynch project.

The runway theme this week was “Que-Becky With the Good Hair” – a top tier play on words that I for one greatly appreciate. Statement wigs and more than a few bad attempts at the hair dress were the call – and I really wish more of the queens had just invested in bigger wigs rather than enough tracks to cover a shift dress.

10. BOA


If there’s one thing I don’t get with the franchise at large is the consistent rewarding of grade school level humour and I think this outfit is the epitome of it.

9. Tynomi Banks

Tynomi Banks

I absolutely get the 60s gogo dancer vibe of this and I actually like the colour combination – it feels authentic to that era but that hat is worthy of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries – WHY? I think she also would have benefited from a tapered “hem” just so we could see more of her thighs.

8. Scarlett Bobo

scarlett bobo

This felt very Dr. Seuss to me but the outfit just lacked in excitement – the dress for me didn’t match her energy or her insane clown makeup.

7. Anastarzia

anastarzia cousin it

I appreciate a big swing and I was ALL FOR IT when she came out as Cousin It – I’ve been wanting a queen to pull this out for YEARS now. But then she turned around and, like everyone else, I expected some series gothic glam Morticia and what we got was…

anastarzia chun Li

What she claimed was “Chun-Li realness” which… absolutely not. It looks like a half complete Muppet sitting on her head


Or Sad Helga Pataki.

6. Kiara


I liked it better on Kyne… I’ll give it to her – she knows how to use a runway and he served this up as best she could but it was in all honesty lacking in Good Hair.

5. Lemon


How d’you think Lemon felt when Blair St. Clair walked out looking like a tree on the All Stars 5 camo runway? But shout out to the ribbons in her armpit hair – I loved that part.

4. Rita Baga

rita baga

I love this in all its Miss Frizzle glory but I wish there had been more to the hair – more elaborate yellow streaks, just to amp it up that bit more.

3. Priyanka


The fact that this is closer to Chun-Li than Anastarzia’s “Chun-Li realness” reveal is the gag of the season.

2. Ilona Verley

Ilona Verley

Is it very similar to her entrance look? Sure. But it’s two giant poodle heads made out of hair – she’s like a Cruella DeVil of the North.

1. Jimbo


Honestly, everyone might as well have not turned up for this runway because this is so stupid and good. Also very tempted to edit her runway so that it is Kennedy explaining her fried chicken hooker runway look. After a long night of hooking….

Over to Priyanka to sign us out:

advice from priyanka

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