A Definitive Ranking of RuPaul’s Season 11 Gowns

Well if Allstars 4 was anything to go by we can expect quite a bit of insanity from The Mother herself and Delta Work’s wigs were really quite good – although Allstars filmed after Season 11 so, lets see how that trajectory goes.

Episode 2: Wakanda Fish Is That?

ru dress.png

The only thing better than a kaftan is a kaftan with a statement sleeve. It’s just really bold and feels like something Ru hasn’t done a million and one times before – and it’s always fun when Ru dresses in relation to the challenge of the runway, I kind of would have loved to see what she would do for Scorpio though.

Episode 3: Drag Green

ru dress.png

The colour is beautiful but there just seems to be too much fabric and it’s already a bulky sequin so it’s just adding a lot of girth to her hips and it’s very out of proportion.

Episode 1: Miss Peacock on the Main Stage with a Leg of Mutton

rupaul peacock

I feel like it’s an unspoken rule that your wig should never be smaller than your sleeves – it doesn’t help that the entire print just makes her look like a butterfly that has assumed the fetal position and given up on life.

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