RuPaul’s Drag Race – Holislay Spectacular – Looks Ranking

Did we all just imagine that together? I was not ready for this to be quite as much of an acid trip as it ended up being – the only time I have ever felt as bamboozled and disoriented was when I was 8 and ate an entire tray of gingerbread cookies. And I feel like the queens were in a similar state. Especially Jasmine who checked out after she was forced to dance with the sexy reindeer with the least rhythm. And at the other end of the spectrum we had the likes of Mayhem who may not have realised this whole episode was a joke and actually seemed to spend A LOT of money on it.

I also may have had to skip large chunks of the episode because I simply could not stomach ~Comedy~ Elf Ross and the half-drag mirror lipsync was the stuff of nightmares. But most of the looks were good so lets rank the only interesting part of this… event.

Best to Worst I think.

Mayhem Miller – Runway

Mayhem Runway

Mayhem definitely spent more on this episode than anyone else, maybe she didn’t get the memo that the whole thing was a bit of a washout? I do love that she went for Krampus, and the amount of people who don’t get why this was Christmas is HUGELY disappointed. And probably the same people who will defend Trixie’s entrance look because Fur.

Sonique – Runway

Sonique Runway

Venus D-Lite’s Modanna illusion is SHOOK.The was easily the most ~fashion~ looks of the episode and as Sonique said it was very Moschino – I still want to own one of Moschino’s gingerbread purses and this definitely reminded me of those. I do wish the brown was a slightly richer shade and the pant legs seemed a scooch too long at times but I don’t think it was enough to really detract from the overall look. We do have to talk about the piss yellow zipper that became all to visible though.

Kim Chi – Entrance

Kim Chi Entrance

Who new Lolita Christ-Child was a look we all needed in our lives? The colours and filigree pattern are just so beautiful – it’s like a religious relief painting. I wish the heart was maybe more visibly red in order to tie the shoes more into the look – they look a touch separate at the moment. But hey, everyone loves a Dorothy moment.

Trixie Mattel – Runway

Trixie Runway

How very All Stars 4 of her. I do wish the wings were slightly more filled out – you could definitely see the wire work at times but hey it’s pretty, it’s shiny and in an episode whee Trixie could have pulled out a deliciously ugly crapped up monsterpiece I appreciate this refinement.

Kim Chi – Runway

Kim Chi Runway

God bless Kim Chi for bringing all of the camp in one look <3 And the moment she ripped off the Christmas tree wig to reveal her Santa hat during a lipsync that was almost as phoned in as Jasmine’s. I treasure her.

Jasmine Masters – Entrance

Jasmine Entrance

I unadulteratedly love this. A lot of people might not think it’s Christmassy beyond being silver and shiny but I have a Christmas tree decoration that is exactly this shape and sort of cage work so this immediately struck a chord with me. Could have done without the stole but Jasmine loves her furs.

Shangela – Runway

Shangela Runway

Shangela loves a reference. I do kind of wish that when she removed the snowman masquerade mask it revealed a horrifying Pennywise-esque horror mouth – but that’s not Shangela so I get it. This is also the most successful snowman look I’ve seen someone do – the fact she manages to give a feminine shape and the lumpiness of a snowman is really cool. Also she sequined the fuck out of that top hat.

Eureka O’Hara – Runway

Eureka Runway

My problem with Eureka is that it just never feels original. I love that she took the Christmas Barbie look and made it her’s but at the end of the day it’s literally just the Barbie look. Like exactly the same – which as I said is impressive craftsmanship and massive kudos to Patrick Howell who made it. I just find it hard to give Eureka much credit for this look.

Mayhem Miller – Entrance

Mayhem Entrance

This was certainly the most polished and successful of the Mrs. Claus outfits and I think it’s mainly down to the proportion of the fur trim – it managed to look expensive. And her makeup is just gorgeous – that sunset eyeshadow? Divine.

Latrice Royale – Runway

Latrice Runway

At first I absolutely hated this but the longer I spend on it the more I kind of love it. It’s a lot like Mayhem’s Martian Look Does a Christmas Special so at least it’s thematically on target. The wig is everything – no one rocks a Sunday service up-do like Latrice Royale.

Sonique – Entrance

Sonique Entrance

I get a lot of Kylie Minogue / Madonna vibes from this – which seems to be Sonique’s wheelhouse and I am always here for it. I love the shape it gave her and the fact I managed to both be a sort of retro Busby Berkeley costume and 80s pin-up – I think it’s largely in the cut of the crotch. I still don’t quite understand the hat – is it a furry baseball cap? It seems to have a beak? And the anaemic trashbag bow? Could have done without it.

Eureka O’Hara – Entrance

Eureka Entrance

I just wish she had worn tights – it would have elevated it just that touch more. I love the volume Eureka gives herself – you can never knock her shape and silhouette work. But there’s little details I think she overworks or undercooks – her wigline being one of them and I could live without the cuffs and that particular necklace.

Latrice Royale – Entrance


It’s all just took “from the bag” for me. I love a big wig but this somehow managed to be simultaneously MASSIVE and kind of weak sauce. I think it’s just that massive back sweep that looks so flat and textureless. Give me a curl or something!

Shangela – Entrance

Shangela Entrance

I do love a Christmas tree drag look just this one got MIGHTILY crapped up. It’s all just too heavy to be a flattering babydoll look and then the Godawful chiffon cape that’s just such an incongruous shade of lime. And then on top that I am never a fan of visible petticoat. Her wig is pretty though – I love Shangela in short and structured wigs. And she deserves that crown.

Trixie Mattel – Entrance

Trixie Entrance

If Barbie had an Ewok it would 100% look like this and I just don’t get it, the proportions made her look constantly hunched and uncomfortable.

Jasmine Masters – Runway

Jasmine Runway

I mean if I had realised what this Holislay spectacular was actually going to be I’d have hidden my head in a plastic bag too. I did appreciate that her makeup was still done underneath there though. And I am almost certain that it was absolutely a body double during the, what I think we shall loosely describe as a Lip Sync.

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