Strictly 2021 – Week 3, Results Show: Jess Glynne Seeking a Life of Piracy

Perhaps this was Cruella’s Villain Origin Story all along?

And so Movie Week must come to a close and it feels only right that on this evening we acknowledge a series of Box Office Disasters…

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Strictly 2021 – Week 2, Results Show: Soho Booze Run

And every Sunday evening the Teletubbies make a blood sacrifices to their Sun Goddess to sate her unquenchable thirst.

After a chaotic, scattershot conclusion to the leader board, the First Boot of the series was always going to be a heart-breaking affair.

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Strictly: The 25 Best Dances

I took a bit of a break during the festive season but I can’t entirely ignore this countdown can I? And what better way to get to talk about the dances I never got to cover!

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Strictly 2020: A Retrospective!

It’s been a rough year but Strictly still managed to find a way to shine and provide us with a glinting sequin of joy in a year that lost its sparkle within a matter of months. And what better way to honour the success they managed to make of it than a little retrospective, by which I mean a series of lists including Best Dances, Favourite Contestants and of course Best and Worst Outfits.

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Strictly 2020 – The Finale: La RoulĂ©-BoulĂ©

I see someone’s still after a seat at the judging table.

The finale is here! Any one of Maisie “The Ringah” Smith, SR HRVY, THE VWLLSS or Bill “The Magician” Bailey could win! Jamie “Biscuit Bones” Laing is playing purely for a nice box of chocolates at the end.

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