The Big Flower Fight: A Yan and Henck Fashion Ranking

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If you haven’t watched The Big Flower Fight on Netflix then quite frankly not only are you missing out on some of the best feel-good TV but you’re also missing out on icons such as Nice Boy Jim, Floral Kings Ryan and Andrew, the simmering chaos of Sarah but most of all you’re missing out on Yan and Henck never ending adventures though the dressing up box – and I’m here to change that so get ready for… A numbered list.


9. Tim Burton’s Airshow

Yan and Henck mobiles

Never did it feel like Yan had been dragged into this never ending array of costumes than in this airshow top hat

8. Your Gran’s Cult Members

Yan and Henck at home

First of all, don’t worry, it’s a wig. Second of all, this is very sedate for Yan and Henck. And then thirdly, how do I join this cult?

7. Steampunk Teletubbies

Yan and Henck beetles

This was their first episode look and from here the hats only get grander and weirder, Steampunk Teletubbies is a walk in the park for these two.

6. A Pirate and A Gentleman

Yan and Henck giant beasts

Yan might be on his way to the races but Henck is about to go and plunder the seven seas for all its Scandi techno rave treasures.

5. Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

Yan and Henck floral fashions

If the Girl with the Pearl Earring got the Andy Warhol.

4. Child’s Play

Yan and Henck fairytales

What became increasingly funny was Yan and Henck having to do quite manual labour in these get-ups and there is no more surreal joy than watching Yan pulling fallen trees out of a forest dressed like a teddy bear at a 5 year old girl’s tea party, or Henck balancing a plush chameleon on his head while trying to braid grass.

3. The Future Liberals Want

Yan and Henck thrones

BRB, writing the screenplay for an airline attendant who accidentally travels back in time and befriends a curmudgeonly Victorian baker, shenanigans ensue.

2. The Only Military Worth Respecting

Yan and Henck sea creatures

Yes, Yan is wearing a rubber lobster around his neck, it’s his Sunday best. There’s just something so appealing about the 70s vibe of Henck’s shades of browns and the different textures


Yan and Henck giants

One part Dad’s Army, one party Berlin Kink Club and entirely amazing.


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