Strictly 2020 – “BlackPool” Week, Main Show: The Succubus of Keswick

The next series of The Masked Singer UK had its budget slashed quite considerably.

It’s Faux Blackpool Week and everyone is trying their absolute best to seem as chipper and enthusiastic as possible except we’ve reached the mid-point of the competition and the burnout is really setting in.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 4, Results Show: Rococo Vampires

The face you make when you realise you’ve been saved by Everyone’s Minions Meme Sharing Facebook Mum.

With a real leaderboard shake up and more than a little bit of emotional manipulation this was always going to be Hell of a results show – and I for one welcome the resurgence of Pissy Gorka.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 4, Main Show: Duchess of My Heart

The face you make when you’ve moved halfway across the world and thought you had escaped this show.

It’s been hell of a 48 hours in the Strictly Cinematic Universe and somewhere there’s a contingency producer tearing their hair out over how Claudia is going to manage a Zoom call with both Motsi and Bruno at the same time. And on top of that they’re dealing with the hardcore Jason Bell fans (who knew?) demanding he return to place Nicola. You’re doing amazing sweetie.

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Strictly 2020 – Movie Week, Main Show: Xanaxed Batman

Just every man, woman and sex starved, locked down horndog seeing Gorka walking out of the ocean.

It’s Movie Week and as usual they’re bringing all of the glitz, glam and special effects of student films with bigger ideas than their shoe string budgets will allow. Your film needs a dog? Too bad, here’s a Lamb Chop hand puppet – good luck getting that grade hun.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 2, Results Show: Glittery Skeletal Matador

Katya looking deliciously smug before they had been announced as safe <3

The dreaded first results day is here and if you’re anything like me you spent all of Sunday biting your nails in fear over how this bottom two was going to go because you’ve decided to stan the one black female celebrity on a show with a track record that is *not great* in getting them very far.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 2, Main Show: Mammoth Roomba

Is it possible to cancel the entire animal kingdom?

For the first time in 5 years Halloween falls exactly on Saturday and for the first time in 10 years they have decided not to do Halloween Week, it’s probably for the best we put it on ice for a bit given that even 6 years in we had reached the point where they were panicking for costumes and dressing people up as…

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