MasterChef 2021, Episode 11: Twelve Prawn Pile-up

Remember when this was what the MasterChef kitchen used to look like? Just a faux wood nightmare.

It’s the final batch of contestants and I think it’s the strongest group we’ve had all series but I might be bias because there’s a dog-walker.

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MasterChef 2021, Episode 10: Queen of The Fluke

Ah yes, the Working From Home motto.

We’re kicking off the last of the MasterChef Heat Weeks with all of the MasterChef tropes: LADSLADSLADS, ill-advised flavour combinations, buttery biscuit somethings and a chocolate fondant. If there was raw lamb we’d have had a full house!

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Interior Design Masters 2021, The Final: Murdered by a Lovely Rioja

I love the disparity between Siobhan’s pink retro wonderland of a bar and her very smart, office ready husband. Couple goals.

It’s the final and it’s come down to a battle between Maximalism and Practicality – two of the four horsemen of the Interior Design Apocalypse, the other two being Faux Marble and Charlotte.

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The Celebrity Circle 2021: A Ranking Post

It was a short and sweet debut for The Celebrity Circle. I wish it had been a touch longer, just to eek out the carnage as Denise Van Outen Sherlock Holmes’d her way through an almost entire cast of fakes and pretenders.

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MasterChef 2021, Episode 8: Bracken Salts 3

Speak of the devil and he doth appear wearing his trademark scarf.
(If anyone gets this reference please let me know.)

The penultimate heats begin to draw to a close and this week we found out it is in fact possibly to curry sadness.

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