Sewing Bee 2022, Episode 2: A Pair of Mutually Dying Swans

I see Brogan and I have the same approach to PE.

If anything this episode proved that, much like puff pastry, it is a waste of your time and energy to make your own shoes.

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MasterChef 2022, The Final: A Noseful of Strawberry

If Eddie ever wanted to go rogue, commandeer a ship and start a pirate crew that terrorises The Northern Sea, I am down to join that ragtag bunch.

We’ve reached the final – weeks of blood, sweat, tears and more parmesan tuiles than I care to count and it all comes down to this!

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Drag Race Espana, Season 2, Episode 5: A Fashion Recap

God bless Diamante’s nerve to do Pandemic Skype Finale RuPaul for Snatch Game. I thought it was kind of genius.

Thankfully they didn’t make the queens do both Snatch Game and The Ball in the same episode this year, and instead game the the fun theme of looking like nightmarish human-sized dolls. And I’m very upset that nobody did Tyra Banks in Life-Size.

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MasterChef 2022, Episode 17: Christmas Cake Puree

I will protect the goldfish dumplings with my life.

I don’t know how much time passed between this episode and the last one, but John Torode seemed well recovered so I’m assuming it was long enough for him to have a lengthy stay at the Ritz.

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Sewing Bee 2022, Episode 1: Post-Cockapoo Stress Disorder

I see they’re recycling the clothes that Joe Lycett left behind.

It’s back! And not only is there a new host but they’ve moved up to Yorkshire, and it is quite frankly rude of them not to have invited me to come and model a variety of insane sleeves for them.

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