Strictly 2021 – Week 1, Main Show: The Pansexual Pride Kiosk


If this first week is anything to go by we’re in for one hell of a series – I just hope Vicky Gill manages to find a better ostrich feather and sequin supplier this week.

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Strictly: The 25 Best Dances

I took a bit of a break during the festive season but I can’t entirely ignore this countdown can I? And what better way to get to talk about the dances I never got to cover!

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Strictly 2020 – The Finale: La RoulĂ©-BoulĂ©

I see someone’s still after a seat at the judging table.

The finale is here! Any one of Maisie “The Ringah” Smith, SR HRVY, THE VWLLSS or Bill “The Magician” Bailey could win! Jamie “Biscuit Bones” Laing is playing purely for a nice box of chocolates at the end.

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Strictly 2020 – Musicals Week, Main Show: Coal-powered Gusset

I will pay a double license fee if I get content like this more often.

We’ve done it. We’ve reached Musicals Week – Caroline Quentin is at home seething that she didn’t get to do a routine to Last Midnight from Into The Woods but the show must go on! And after years of begging, pleading and writing many threatening letters we FINALLY get our Waitress routine!

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Strictly 2020 – Week 6, Main Show: Modesty Fog

This remake of Aladdin is a little racially insensitive.

This week we return to our regularly scheduled nonsense with The Triumphant Return of Miss Motsi Mabuse, no more pretending we aren’t in London and the Jive being the scourge of the ballroom.

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Strictly 2020 – Week 4, Results Show: Rococo Vampires

The face you make when you realise you’ve been saved by Everyone’s Minions Meme Sharing Facebook Mum.

With a real leaderboard shake up and more than a little bit of emotional manipulation this was always going to be Hell of a results show – and I for one welcome the resurgence of Pissy Gorka.

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