Dancing On Ice, Movie Week: A Shower Curtain Made of Ham

I’m going to hazard a guess that Philip Schofield has been caught in more compromising positions.

It’s Movie Week which is definitely different to Musicals Week and totally not at all similar to Love Week!

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The Masked Singer UK, Series 2: A Ranking Post

The Masked Singer UK really hit its stride this series with the Twitter account leaning into the absurdity of the whole situation, Ken Jeong had thankfully been binned and then of course the pandemic had forced a plethora of big names into signing up the show. This all came together to create an hour of television every week that was nothing short of a sweet release.
And what better way to see it out that ranking all the contestants based on a very scientific formula I call “My Trash Opinions”?

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Dancing on Ice 2021, Week 3: This Could Have Been an Email

Aah yes, the horrified yet fascinated look of anyone who witnesses a John Barrowman musical number.

It’s Musicals Week and I’ll be perfectly honest I had to consult Wikipedia for at least 4 of the 9 songs, and if I was going purely off the costumes I’d have maybe guessed a generous 3.

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DANCING ON ICE 2021, WEEK 2: The Thirdest of Wheels

Rumour has it that Gemma Collins is doomed to haunt the ice rink forever.

It’s time for the second batch of celebrities to take to the ice and it’s as mixed a bag as the previous week – although you wouldn’t know it from the judges’ scores!

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