Glow Up, Series 3, Episode 8: Spirit Level Eyes

Excuse me while I write an entire cartoon series about this trio of crime solvers, The Mystery Gang wont know what hit them!

We’ve reached the final showdown where the MUAs have to try not to crack under the pressure that is Duckie Thot’s intimidating levels of beauty.

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Drag Race España, Season 1, Episode 2: A Fashion Recap

Someone please commission the cinematic universe about this group of superheroes.

The second episode brings us looks suitable for a girl band (kind of) and a tribute to La Veneno, whose Wikipedia page I thoroughly suggest you look up and then watch every possible YouTube video you can about her.

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Glow Up, Series 3, Episode 7: Nasal Aubergine

It’s that time of year again for Dom’s amazing pompom jumper has graced the television!

Are you ready to be made to feel guilty for liking things!? Grab your limited edition Finn and Jake plushies and LET’S GO!

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Drag Race España, Series 1, Episode 1: A Fashion Recap

I will never get bored of the face Drag Vulcano just towers over absolutely everyone and everything.

It’s here and the cast is truly fantastic, there’s some great personalities. I was tempted to do the full in-depth recaps but I just can’t fit it in and will instead just be recapping the runways and looks from every episode.

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