Interior Design Masters 2021, Episode 1: Curtainlessness

I love how this shirt is simultaneously incredibly eye-catching and yet the perfect camouflage.

It’s back and there have been some changes!

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Dancing on Ice 2021, Week 3: This Could Have Been an Email

Aah yes, the horrified yet fascinated look of anyone who witnesses a John Barrowman musical number.

It’s Musicals Week and I’ll be perfectly honest I had to consult Wikipedia for at least 4 of the 9 songs, and if I was going purely off the costumes I’d have maybe guessed a generous 3.

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Drag Race 13, Episode 5: Trying His Caucasian Best

I love this production of Hamlet!

I see they’re permanently sticking with the early Ball Episode which means 36 looks and that’s why this recap was up a day late… But also I had to take several hours off because LaLa Ri’s bag dress was about to give me a hernia.

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Celebrity Best Home Cook 2021, Episode 1: Omelette Spectrum

We as a society must protect Gareth Thomas at all costs.

You might be thinking, 10 celebrities cooking a series of dishes that they may or may not have got from the BBC Good Food website is just Celebrity MasterChef isn’t it? And yes on paper these show are nigh on identical but this one has rogue strawberries and no Gregg Wallace!

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DANCING ON ICE 2021, WEEK 2: The Thirdest of Wheels

Rumour has it that Gemma Collins is doomed to haunt the ice rink forever.

It’s time for the second batch of celebrities to take to the ice and it’s as mixed a bag as the previous week – although you wouldn’t know it from the judges’ scores!

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