MasterChef The Professionals Recap: The Kumquat Renaissance

Aaron is definitely better at cooking than he is at hide and seek.

We’re almost at the end of these quarter-final rounds guys – one more Critics’ Chamber to go and then we get to find out how Covid impacted the rest of the competition!

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Battle of the Lambs

Hands up Gregg, you’ve been found guilty of crimes against breakfast.

We return to our normally scheduled MasterChef programming of 4 chefs and are absolutely none the wiser as to what happened to GhostChef Killah. But there are new unverified theories emerging every minute.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Sophie’s (Dessert) Choice

Let’s just appreciate that Monica Galetti can maintain a peroxide dye job through lockdown but Marcus Wareing couldn’t get a haircut anywhere?

It’s our first quarter final! (This show’s tournament structure has always alluded me) And on the cards this week are spicy hot takes and thankfully a development that means the likelihood of Tracey Macleod and William Sitwell being in the same room is drastically reduced!

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Masterchef The Professionals Recap: The Flat Sabayon Conspiracy

Do we think Gregg is sockless because he used them all to make homemade masks or is it a fashion choice?

Nobody tried to miracle a fish back into one piece this time but someone did almost try to turn white wine into a red wine sauce. It’s all very Gospel of John – I’m looking forward to someone walking on water next week.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Ichthyoid Frankenstein

Just take a moment to appreciate Marcus Wareing’s Lockdown Locks. An icon is born.

It’s back and there have been some changes (no, Gregg is still here, cool your jets), there will only be 2 contestants competing in each of Marcus and Monica’s skills tests and we’re down from 44 chefs in the competition to 32. Also Marcus and Monica will be spending a lot of their time sitting in a pantry shouting at a TV screen. I feel very attacked.

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