Bake Off 2021, The Final: Seasick Walnut Whip

You know what they say, “A watched oven never heats up.”

Welcome to the final we’ve got fun AND SO MUCH ITALIAN STRESS.

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Bake Off 2021, Pastry Week: Bacon-eating Cat Burglar

In order to save himself from elimination George uses an ingenious disguise to cloaks himself as Prue Leith.

It’s pastry week where obviously we have to ignore the years of general advice being “just buy the ready made stuff, Jus-Rol has perfected the artform.”

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Bake Off 2020 – Dessert Week: Suet Induced Breakdown

Point of View: you’re Dave’s latest victim.

It’s Dessert Week – a fixture that I have been sceptical of ever since that time they tried to convince us that making a trifle was baking and this week did nothing to dissuade me of my anti-jelly prejudices. What part of BAKE OFF does jelly not understand?

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Bake Off 2020 – 80s Week: Anachronistic Christmas

It’s hard to implement Jo Frost’s Naughty Step technique in a tent.

It’s 80s week – a celebration of the decade that gave us The Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Mommie Dearest, Margaret f’king Thatcher, the satanic panic and of course Casablanca: The TV Series.

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