Drag Race UK, Season 3, Episode 4: And None For Victoria.

Victoria doesn’t sit with us.

Welcome to Girl Group 101 with Professor Kitty Scott Claus, you can either major in The Social Dynamics of Girls Aloud or The Philosophy of Girl Power.

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Strictly 2021 – Week 2, Results Show: Soho Booze Run

And every Sunday evening the Teletubbies make a blood sacrifices to their Sun Goddess to sate her unquenchable thirst.

After a chaotic, scattershot conclusion to the leader board, the First Boot of the series was always going to be a heart-breaking affair.

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Drag Race UK, Season 3, Episode 2: Bovine Clara Bow

If Blair St, Clair can have shivering as a gimmick, I’m willing to allow River Medway to point her way to the semi-finals.

Are you ready for an episode of Drag Race UK that is somehow more chaotic than anything that happened on Drag Race Holland, a series seemingly entirely designed to be as unhinged as possible? Good, strap in.

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Celebrity MasterChef 2021, Episode 8: Alphonso Magoo

Narrator Voice: It was not going to be great.

Well, if this episode did anything it was has put my claim to be The Cassandra of TV Cookery Competitions into disrepute as a great injustice falls – and I’m not even talking about the things they did to the eggs!

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Celebrity MasterChef 2021, Episode 2: Vague Italian Ancestry

If you’re not cooking while dressed like a Victorian dowager in mourning then are you truly cooking?

If there’s one thing we’ve all had more than enough time to do in Lockdown it’s familiarise ourselves with cheeses, so I have to say: I aced the surprise cheese quiz.

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