Glow Up, Series 3, Episode 4: Spaghetti Testers

I too would like some sage advice from a woman sitting in a shopping trolley, please.

I would like to congratulate everyone for making it through an entire social media themed episode without once mentioning the word “Hashtag”. It’s what we call GROWTH.

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Glow Up Series 3, Episode 1: Soap Opera Bruise

Hands up if you’ve ever tasted setting powder.

I’m so glad they’ve managed to find a way to safely film Glow Up as well as putting in measures to make it that much more inclusive, which has of course angered certain branches of Mumsnet but we can only count that as a win.

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MasterChef 2021, Episode 14: Deep-fried Mice

Here we see a rare photo of Gregg Wallace before the makeup team work their magic.

The second half of our semi-finalists take to the kitchen to see who deserves the privilege of annoying professional chef Ben Tish!

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