All That Glitters, Series 1, The Final: The Wrath of The Loop

Rule One of Jewellery Club: ALWAYS LIE.

It’s final and either Dan, Hugo or Tamara will be taking home the distinctly unaesthetically pleasing All That Glitters trophy after a battle involving more pearls than Vermeer could shake his paintbrush at.

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All That Glitters, Series 1, Episode 3: Sun Bleached Macaw

Welcome to the All That Glitters edition of Cluedo where the result is always Solange Azagury-partridge in the Indoor Judging Conservatoire with a Statement Necklace.

It’s Alternative Materials Week, which is always the best week of any design based competition! Let crafty Hell reign!

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All That Glitters, Series 1, Episode 1: Eternal Doom Mistress

I think we can safely guess that Katherine Ryan’s decision to do this show hinged entirely on being able to wave around the bangle measuring tool.

All That Glitters is finally here and it is very much putting my inability to spell the word “jewellery” correctly to the test as well as the fact sawing sounds put my teeth on edge.

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