Pottery Throwdown 2021, Episode 7: Emotional Support Okapi

Some people say that if you hold a raccoon filled water feature to your ears you can hear the streets of New York.

This week the potters will be tackling the animal kingdom with animal inspired water features and later being more aghast at strawberry planters than you thought anyone ever could be.

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Pottery Throwdown Recap: Defunct Pickle Pots

Have we interrupted something?

It’s back! the purest show on television with more jeopardy than Bake Off in a heatwave and not a malicious bone in its body! It’s just nice people making nice things in a nice workshop. 2021 might not be so bad?

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Taskmaster: A Series 10 Task Ranking

Despite the weirdness that Covid inflicted on the show, the cast and crew still managed to give us a series of Taskmaster that easily ranks amongst the best of them. From Katherine Parkinson’s gradual decline in cognitive efficiency, the constant fear that Daisy May Cooper was about to go into labour, Mawaan Rizwan’s ever changing manicures, Johnny Vegas’s clumsiness and Richard Herring becoming more and more competitive as the show went on; everyone brought something to the table to create a perfect storm. And they all had their unique takes on the challenges…

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