MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Childhood Eel Friend

Tell Torode it was me. I want him to know.

It’s the final! 31 chefs has become three and we must now find our winner amongst Santosh, Alex and Bart.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: A Bouquet of Lobsters

The Great British Craft Off is not going great.

It’s the day before the final and we have to lose one chef so the heat is really on – and I say that because they are absolutely filming this on the same day that Bake Off decided it was a great idea to make Ice Cream Cakes in the midst of a 30 degree heatwave.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Marcus Wareing, The Mustard Baron

Nothing to see here, just Santosh neatly disposing of his competition.

Finals Week has begun, and it’s an episode of reinvention and reinterpretation of classic dishes like everyone’s favourite The Baumkuchen!? And that restaurant staple Rabbit and Mustard Sauce – am I going to the wrong places? I’ve literally never seen this on a menu. EVER.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Chilli Facts with Ariadne

Marcus Wareing daintily sipping cocktails is my 2020 highlight.

After four weeks of Quarterfinal play-offs they really get going don’t they? We’re almost at the end of the Semi-finals and by the end of it we’ll have lost two more chefs but first they have to navigate a Michelin Star Masterclass and a Chef to the Death!

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Navigating The Gristle

That awkward moment where you accidentally look like the invasion of very niche alien species from Doctor Who.

Semi-finals week! And because we have two extra chefs because the decided to play 2 Wicked Wango Cards in the Quarterfinals they had to cram 15 dishes into an hour long show. SO STRAP IN.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: a Tiny Raviolo Hat

And here we see a perfectly executed Monica Galetti Side Eye. It’s 10s across the board.

It seems appropriate to close out The Heats with a veritable array and flavour of chaos and bad luck – I will however miss Monica sitting in the pantry getting excited about honeycomb.

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MasterChef The Professionals Recap: Aioli Trutherism

Don’t worry Monica, these Skills Tests are almost over.

The final week of Quarterfinal heats is here – it feels like it’s been 84 years, and truly they’ve run out of skills tests as we venture into “Just make us a breakfast please” territory. It’s not quite a chicken sandwich but it’s almost there.

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