Drag Race UK 2, Episode 10: A Monopoly on Fingerwaves

How many drag queens does it take to change a fluorescent lightbulb?

It’s final and for the first time in Drag Race Herstory a sound mixer must lipsync for their life.

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Drag Race UK 2, Episode 7: Eyebrow Intervention

I’m not sure there’s much in there to unblock.

This week the queens all too politely read one another and take on an abundance of trash for a sewing challenge in which the theme is utterly abandoned by the time they hit the runway.

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Drag Race UK 2, Episode 5: A Concerning Shade of Ham Pink

Hello, H&M customer services, how may I help you?

I apologise that this recap is up late – I didn’t sleep a wink on Thursday night because all I could hear was that cursed “Ding Dang Dong, Sing Sang Song, Bing Bang Bong” chorus running through my head like a freight train.

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Drag Race UK 2 RECAP: Episode 1: Part-time Giraffe

This was my only facial expression during PE too.

It’s back after a delayed shooting schedule because of the minefield that was 2020 but it finally arrived with a pretty fantastic cast of Queens and it’s just refreshing to have a normal series opening after the three weeks of limbo that the US version has found itself in.

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