Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Contestant Ranking

Strictly is back and so Tess has been thawed out of her year long hibernation, Claudia is tanned to the Gods, Bruno’s veins are pumped with gin and Darcey is now a dame! But how do our contestants affair… oops fair, I meant fair. Freudian slip. How do our contestants FAIR? As the series goes on I will add the eliminated contestant in to make a personal ranking order – based on both their efforts and how interesting they were. Also how they handle… certain hiccups. Yeesh…

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Strictly Come Dancing 2018: The Tess Dress Mess Saga

Another year of Strictly and possibly my favourite part of the show is the three seconds before Tess Daly walks to reveal her questionable outfit of the week – only she can ricochet from High Priestess of a Cult to Waiting In Line at Starbucks and occasionally landing in Screaming Vaginal Hellscape so I thought why not rank them – she’s the only one that keeps is interesting, Claudia would literally be like ranking the attendants at a wake.

I think we’ll start with best:

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