Drag Race Down Under, Series 1, Episode 3: Limitless Opera Necklaces

Australia’s Got Talent certainly has some alternative acts.

If this episode accomplished anything, it at least managed to rid me of the earworm that was Bing Bang Bong. Now I just spontaneously sing “Queens, Down Under!” like Jesy Nelson’s doing her Jamaican accent.

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Glow Up, Series 3, Episode 4: Spaghetti Testers

I too would like some sage advice from a woman sitting in a shopping trolley, please.

I would like to congratulate everyone for making it through an entire social media themed episode without once mentioning the word “Hashtag”. It’s what we call GROWTH.

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Sewing Bee 2021, Episode 5: Cyber Pilgrim

Does anything sum up The Great British Sewing Bee better than a man crouched on the floor amongst the wreckage of a child sized mannequin and a mermaid costume?

It’s Children’s Week which means fun fabrics, an insane fancy dress challenge and really fiddly little pockets!

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