Drag Race Season 11 Recap: Snatch Game at Sea

silky ts madison drinking

Another year, another mildly disappointing Snatch Game – this time with seagull noises!

Untucked Runneth Over

Following the messiest Untucked since the time Eureka was told to GO HAVE YOUR CIGARETTE BITCH, the Queens return to the Werk Room to barely mourn Ra’Jah because Silky seems to be treating this season as though it has an Allstars dynamic and that Yvie and Brooke are trying to vote her out… It’s VERY reminiscent of Season 3 Shangela who got very caught up in playing mind games with herself. I do think they see Silky as a threat – it’s pretty obvious how much Ru LOVES her – and Yvie is lasing out with offering very unsolicited advice but jeeze Silky, this isn’t Cluedo, nobody is going to bash you in with a candlestick on the main stage. And Silky coming at Yvie from a “your drag is cheap” angle is absolutely not the one.

Vanjie popped off

Yvie finally gets properly called out by both Silky and Vanjie for offering unsolicited advice on their drag which Yvie does not take well because SHE’S JUST KEEPING IT REAL GUYS, PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS, SHE IS JUST KEEPING IT REAL. If only she had been around for Alexis Michelle. Yvie misses Vanjie’s point entirely and proceeds to immaturely roll her eyes like a haunted Thomas the Tank Engine

Yvie rolling her eyes

which only makes things worse. Brooke attempts to diffuse the situation with a “YAY, TOP 8” monologue and it does not go well

yvie walks off

Keeping it real Yvie.

The rest of the day is spent with Silky refusing to speak – it does seem to work slightly more successfully than when The Vixen decided to ignore Eureka and kind of proves how much of the vigour and energy of the show comes solely from Silky – this season would be dead in the water without her.

Mini Challenge: Help Yourself

plastique tiara

In a reprisal of absolutely the best challenge this show has ever seen the Queens have to create a cover a self-help guide. The fact Jessica Wild’s “Dreams of the Golden Child” hasn’t been published and made into a made for TV movie is the greatest crime in publishing history (JK Rowling, that is not a challenge). The Queens are given 20 minutes to get into “literary drag” which doesn’t mean anything and it showed because the looks ranged from Russian trophy wife to Hypno Toad.

Continuing the theme of the season and disappointing comedy there aren’t many standouts, the best for me was Plastique’s brilliantly self-deprecating book “Personality: Not Everyone Has One”

plastique tiara book cover

I’m not sue why she was dressed like someone who had gone three rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Then there was Vanjie wearing her fake eye glasses and forgetting her own name

vanjie glasses

I want to know why she packed them and I need them to appear on the main stage before she gets kicked off for wearing another swimsuit. Nina is so aware of her sidecare place in this competition that she is still wearing her name on everything

nina photoshoot

If only Kameron Michaels had done this.

In probably the most prophetic series of events Silky just barrels through the challenge she just understands how to execute a pop culture reference in a way that kills Ru – her joke about Mo’Nique no longer representing the “big bitches” was so good. Then we just Have Yvie and remember when Ra’Jah said her makeup looked like she had done it with her toes?

yvie painted face min challenge

The accuracy. She’s doing a lot of nonsense and typical Yvie brand of weird which gets less and less endearing as it goes on… Brooke meanwhile shows up looking alarmingly like Katya.

brooke mini challenge katya

Of course Silky is crowned the winner because she is the loudest one. Iconic, I stan. Also, For this win she gets a $1000 credit with Post Mates. I love how much this show has given up on giving the Queens prizes that actually benefit their careers. For some reason Morgan McMichaels shows up looking like the Chucky reboot

morgan mcmichaels postmates

It’s nice that this show keeps reminding us she isn’t dead, Tyra.

Don’t Jinkx It

Jinkx Monsoon

This weeks returning Queen is Jinkx Monsoon winner of Season 5  who is still riding high on her Little Edie impersonation and would like you to know it was a very sophisticated performance. I did enjoy her pointedly bringing up Detox’s Ke$ha performance because we all needed to be reminded of that. It made more sense to bring in Jinkx for this than it did Bianca last year because I will maintain until my dying day that noting about Bianca’s Judge Judy was funny. Despite that, Jinkx’s advice fell on deaf ears all round because Vanjie didn’t end up doing LaToya, Brooke wasn’t even remotely funny and Plastique gave us another variation on a theme.

Just after this walk through you could kind of tell this Snatch Game was dead in the water from the very beginning because even of the eliminated Queen I can’t see who would have livened it up – Soju was going to do a terrible Jennifer Coolidge, Ariel was going to do Miranda Sings (????) and Scarlet most likely would have done Lana del Ray – of the others I can’t see Kahanna, Mercedes, Honey or Ra’Jah being particularly good impersonators.

Snatch Game: Lost and Adrift

snatch game group

Remember a time when you could remember a cool 7 or 8 of the Snatch Game characters and the worst person a Queen could choose to do was another Drag Queen or a Kardashian? Well, now we live in The Age of the Social Media Star and boy have they ruined a lot of things – including carbs, war memorials and now Snatch Game. I fully get *why* an upcoming queen would choose to be someone with a fair bit of social media clout – it could prove very lucrative and must lead to some sort of follower spike afterwards. The problem is it’s just really bloody boring for the rest of us because the queens tiptoe around doing anything that might be seen as insulting and really misses the point of the game.

clea duvall and tony hale

It didn’t help that game that the guests, Clea DuVall, who might have been my first confusing crsh after seeing her in Girl, Interrupted. and Tony Hale, who I am not familiar with at all beyond seeing him in Gifs, were a little dry – can we just have Audra McDonald and Tamar Braxton every season? But at this point I think we may need to rethink Snatch Game -keep the celebrity impersonations but maybe take it in a new direction because this is rapidly going over a cliff.

8. Yvie Oddly as Whoopi Goldberg (Allegedly)

yvie oddly whoopie

It would take a lot to top the discomfort felt when Asia O’Hara did her mildly abusive Beyoncé impersonation but by God did Yvie attempt to come for that crown. Remember in Season 8 when we thought both Bob and Naomi were going to battle it out as Duelling Whoopis and then both backed out of it AND THIS THE WHOOPI WE FINALLY END UP WITH? A Whoopi who looks all too much like Samuel L Jackson in Glass.I’m still trying to work out if the glasses constantly falling off was a choice a mistake because everything else she did was such a bumbling mess that it kind of fitted in perfectly? The part was she didn’t seem to know how to put the breaks on – she must have known it was going south and she just kept on barrelling through culminating that that bizarre rant about weed – there aren’t enough crickets in the world.

7. Brooke Lynn Hytes as Celine Dion

brooke lynn hytes celine dion

HEY, I GOT ONE RIGHT! I mean, I wish I hadn’t because it turned out to be a trainwreck. It also could have been really funny – you are the singer of the Titanic’s iconic song playing a game on a cruise themed gameshow. THE JOKES ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, but no – she really wanted to hammer out those niche French-Canadian references. Milk still at least has her crown for being The Best Celine Dion Impersonator (Her Wedding Planner Told Me So)

6. Vanjie as Danielle Bregoli ?????

miss vanjie danielle bregoli

I didn’t know anything about her beforehand and somehow feel like I know even less now. I was so hoping we’d cut to the Snatch Game and see Vanjie as LaToya but alas she really wanted to do her troubled teen impersonation – or at least 5 seconds of her Elmo impression – it was very good, not sure why she was doing but can someone get her on Sesame Street right now? It very quickly just became Vanjie doing Vanjie in Untucked which is not my favourite Vanjie – and it was certainly not Tony Hale’s favourite Vanjie – he didn’t seem to know if she was still doing an impersonation or not.

5. Plastique Tiara as Lovely Mimi

plastique lovely mimi

She has lovely handwriting. The funniest part of her entire performance was he utter bafflement at anything Yvie and Brooke did – she was truly our spirit guide in this game. I did like her little back and forth with Silky – she wasn’t particularly witty or clever about it but she didn’t let Silky completely steamroll her but her character just wasn’t interesting enough to keep the banter going for long enough.

4. A’Keria Davenport as Tiffany Haddish

akeria davenport tiffany haddish

The look was pretty good, A’Keria was VERY proud of that mole. She had some fun moments with Ru – again her answers just weren’t very clever – she clearly had pre-planend answers and she was going to use them whether they made sense or not. I did think she was going to crash and burn the moment she interrupted Brooke’s introduction by saying “DO YOU HAVE OLD TIMERS DISEASE?” (it’s Alzheimer’s boo).

3. Shuga Cain as Charo

shuga cain charo

The transformation was insanely good and may Shuga Cain have a long and successul life as a professional Charo impersonator. That being said she needs to amp up the energy by at least half a bag of a cocaine because this was some Charo on Ambien. Her answers were a little long and rambling (and predictable) it wasn’t exactly the exciting performance that Charo could be and that Shuga desperately needs in this competition.

2. Nina West as Harvey Fierstein and Joann Waley [sic]

nina west harvey firestein

nina west joann waley

Of course we say Harvey Fierstein but it was Edna Turnblad, they just can’t say that for infringement reasons. I enjoyed the vintage characters with humour in places that pushed a certain boundary and of course the quickest way to RuPaul’s heart is always with a gloryhole. She reacted well to everyone around her and their answers, it wasn’t quite on the level of Ben DeLaCreme as Paul Lynde but it was in the same vicinity. I don’t think the change from Harvey to Joann [sic] was enough of a transition to have actually been worth it – the same characters could have done the same jokes and it’d have been fine.

1. Dr. Ganache M.D. as TS Madison

Silky TS Madison

Ru was eating out of the palm of her hand the minute that wine bottle filled with grape soda came out and Silky knew it – it’s not hard to know when just about everyone around smells of smoke because you can literally see their gears grinding as they think of answers. Like A’keria with Brooke, I did think it was a little messy to interrupt Plastique’s introduction (it’s a pet peeve on Snatch Game) but something about it felt like both of them were in on it because there was a decent back and forth and Plastique was nonplussed by it. Her prop reveals were well timed and decently executed (although that wig was crunchy) – it all made sense and she was just a runaway train.

It’s Too Late to Apologise

silky yvie apology

Yvie having knocked from her high horse of Drag Arbitration after her abysmal Snatch Game, decides that no is the best time to apologise to Silky because she thinks Silky has finally shown she is talented. To say Yvie picks her moments poorly is an understatement, Silky’s only stumble was her Halloween Ball, a challenge Yvie cocked up as well, otherwise Silky has been pretty consistently performing at a really high and engaging level and all this apology does is come across as sounding very hollow and more of a result of Yvie feeling insecure than actually being sorry, which Silky immediately calls out and oh boy is Yvie’s “keeping it real” facade crumbling.

vanjie and yvie apology

A mixture of Yvie’s apology and the fact she realises she is about to wear ANOTHER leotard on the runway Vanjie decides to apologise to Yvie for going Full Feral in Untucked. The Queens always seem to think the best time to apologise is in their base layer of their makeup never fails to kill me.

It’s a Sequence of Sequins:

They are using up a lot of their really basic runway categories this season with Fringe, Gold and Sequins. Although people seem to still be confused why last weeks runway was introduced as “all that glitters” and then everyone wore gold… You basics. Nobody got particularly creative with it and ocne again the best look was probably Honey Davenport’s insane Garden of Eden debutante gown. I feel so bad that she seems to have spent the most preparing for this season and went out third… Especially when you see this runway, with such loose runway themes you would hope the Queens would push the envelope a little bit

8. Yvie Oddly

yvie oddly sequins reveal

I hate it I hate it SO MUCH. It’s like if you put all of the Power Rangers in a blender and poured it over Mick Jagger in Performance. And then there was the reveal of her bare ass cheeks which was not a good enough punchline to actually warrant doing it – it just seemed really desperate, granted after her Snatch Game I would be desperate too.

7. Miss Vanjie

vanjie sequins runway

GIRL. You are telling me you have that massive cape and you couldn’t quickly sew it into a skirt or use it to in some way elevate your bodysuit? It’d certainly have been better than wafting the unlined cape to the rest of the world. It really does say something about the awfulness of Brooke and Yvie’s Snatch Game performances that Vanjie wasn’t an instant bottom 2 just for this.

6. Brooke Lynn Hytes

brooke lynn hytes sequins reveal

She had to have made this in the Werk Room after her Snatch Game went so far south right? Because it isn’t a brilliant outfit but my God did she put on a show. But purely on a ~fashion level~ it’s a pretty bottom tier outfit. I also really don’t get the black velvet gloves with the outfit and it looks a little odd to me and the earrings seem very demure.

5. Plastique Tiara

plastique sequins runway

Scarlet’s Pisces Runway found dead. She had clearly been to the same designer as Brooke and borrowed that collar, it didn’t really need and it looked a bit wobbly and the blue bodysuit stocking isn’t my favourite look – likening yourself to an eel doesn’t strike me as a compliment. It did also really make her lack of pads kind of glaring. BUT GODDAMN HER FACE IS FLAWLESS.

4. Dr. Ganache M.D.

silky sequins runway

Name me one thing more joyful that Silky galloping down that runway with that massive loofa swishing behind her. That aquamarine colour is an absolute knock out on her. It is a little same-same as her orange gown but I’d rather a repeat of that than a bodysuit or some badly draped fabric.

3. Nina West

nina sequins runway

Maybe it’s because I was instantly familiar with the Ohio state flag but this doesn’t wow me. It’s perfectly cute and of course Nina sells it with all her campy charm – I just think there are a few details missing to push this over the edge, at the moment it just stops halfway. – some buckles on the shoes, maybe a pair of jodhpurs – go full Hamilton.

2. Akeria Davenport

akeria zebra runway

To me this is much more successfully camp than Nina – the silly little tail, the mane-like shoulder fringe and the mohawk hair just complete the look so perfectly. Also, her padding is by far and away the best this season and everyone needs to take notes from her RIGHT NOW.

1. Shuga Cain

shuga cain sequins runway

It is gorgeous and beautiful and I will watch that clip of Shuga emerging into Untucked a good 3 minutes after everyone because she couldn’t walk in it because it is a VERY heavy on loop for HOURS. The colour is so beautiful and rich – I don’t think the sleeves were as elegant as she intended them to be because the sequins don’t have much float and waft to them


A pretty obvious Top 3 in Nina, Silky and Shuga. I suppose it could have been A’Keria but Ru really wanted to tell Shuga she loved her gown, and it was worth ti purely for Brooke’s reaction:

brooke reacts to shuga

Ross praises Nina’s back and forth with Ru during Snatch Game and tells her “that is how you win Snatch Game”

nina snatch game

Which makes the fact she was called safe first hysterical to me. It was an equally obvious Bottom 3 in Yvie, Brooke and Vanjie. The latter obviously gets read to filth for another bodysuit, it kills me that she seems so shellshcoked that it happens every time

vanjie leotard reaction

but is largely saved by the fact the guest judges love her in this bodysuit because they haven’t seen it for the last 4 runways. Her choices confuse me even more because she keeps wearing kind of great outfits in the mini challenges so she clearly has things.

The only toss up being whether or not Vanjie just being Vanjie wearing her umpteenth bodysuit outweighed Brooke giving hell of a runway show in an ugly outfit – I like that it was just a given that Yvie was in the bottom from the get go. It turns out not even Brooke’s shenanigans could save her as she found herself in a face off against Yvie. Also, Clea DuVall is allergic to aubergine if anyone wanted to know – hey it was my bigest take away from this entire episode.

The Lipsync

The very moment both Yvie and Brooke landed in the bottom 2 you knew it was going to be a double save but it was nice that they both still went through the motions of pulling out every trick and stunt they had in their arsenal

brooke lipsync

yvie lipsync

with Yvie contorting herself like a serpentine pretzel and Brooke literally just throwing herself across the stage like a bedazzled cannonball – it was really quite something and they completely broke Tony Hale

tony hale lipsync reaction

Ru mentally transcended

ru lipsync reaction

and I just want to find someone that looks at me the same way that Clea DuVall looks like Brooke Lynn Hytes prowling across the stage

clea duvall lipsync reaction

It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on Yvie next week and whether or not this has reconnected her to her own sense of mortality – God I hope it does and she takes a back seat for an episode or two – I AM SO TIRED.


akeria and plastique untucked

Plastique is still trying to explain her whole family situation – basically she isn’t allowed to bring her “gay life” into the family home – A’Keria is still confused but it’s not that hard to understand really and my God I hope this doesn’t become a long running theme because if it does someone is going to get murdered by an Instagram teen.

yvie and nina untucked

Elsewhere Yvie is still salty as fuck about Silky and is licking her wounds after falling from grace so swiftly – I love that they’ve gone and made a second room with a piece of set from the first episode’s photoshoot to block paparazzi from getting picture of the Queens. Yvie getting an emotional video message from her mother puts a dampener on any real drama flaring up and hopefully Yvie takes more inspiration from this than some desire to annihilate Silky. A’Keria gets, possibly the best video message to have ever been delivered on this show (even if it was her filmed in portrait) from her mother and grandmother who spent a good 20 seconds trying to work out how to make a heart with their fingers and then demanding she bring home “that RuPaul crown”. I stan A’Keria even more now.

akeria being stunning

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