Drag Race Season 11: Snatch Game Speculation

snatch game group

This week we are playing “Snatch Game at Sea” which everyone is equally mystified by, is it just ordinary Snatch Game but in rubber dinghys? Are buckets of water involves? Is everything just nautically themed or are they just inviting us to make Titanic comparisons as another Snatch Game proves to be a bit of a mess?

A’Keria Davenport

akeria davenport tiffany pollard

If Silky does Oprah, as I fully expect she might, I would DIE for A’Keria to do Gayle King. I will also accept a wealth of Real Housewives, with Tiffany “New York” Pollard at the forefront – we need to redeem the awful job Naomi Smalls did in season 8. But also someone has to eventually do Michelle Williams (#PoorMichelle) and I think she could at least nail the look. After her orange runway, Nicki Minaj is also very much a real possibility.

Brooke Lynn Hytes

brooke lynn hytes emma stone

For some reason I really have Emma Stone in my head for Brooke – there’s a lot to work with there, I could also see Jennifer Lawrence for her and I know it’s going to sound like I just named the only Canadian celebrity can think of but I would love for her to Celine Dion as a real Canadian local.

Nina West

nina west bette midler

Let’s face it, the reason Nina has escaped the bottom 2 on numerous occasions when she absolutely should have been lip-syncing (and probably would have been sent annihilated on the spot) is because she is the season’s best chance of a good Snatch Game – as we have seen comedy isn’t this cast’s best attribute. We’ve seen Nina embody Sarah Huckerby-Sanders (to the point where I genuinely do a double take every time I see her now). Nina has to do Bette Midler though right? She’s right up her campy style, she has a wealth of references that Ru would absolutely die over. I just need someone to finally do Bette. PLEASE.

Plastique Tiara

plastique ariana

She’s kind of already just been doing an Ariana Grande impression the entire season though hasn’t she? The other option is, because Crazy Rich Asians was such a phenomenon just before filming began is Awkwafina – it’d be a chance for her to actually live it up and show some real personality – she is in desperate need of an Aquaria as Melania moment.

Shuga Cain

shuga cain frida kahlo

I would love it if she did Frida Kahlo – I always think doing someone historical is the best way to go for Snatch Game because there’s more freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. A lot of people may know who Frida Kahlo is, but they don’t know what she was like. I will also fully accept Shuga Cain as Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo.

Silky Ganache

silky ganache tina knowles

I fully believe Silky was so against being Oprah in the Trump Rusical because it’s her Snatch Game, but also if it isn’t I feel like Ru will push her to do Oprah. I would also be here for Silky to do Tina Knowles or just steamroll everyone as Taraji P. Henson, but specifically as Taraji as Cookie from Empire, I mean she’s been throwing cookies all over the place since day one so she might as well chuck another one in there.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

vanjie cardi b

It’s almost certainly going to be Cardi B though isn’t it? It’d at least give her free range to just do her usual Vanjie motormouth thing.

Yvie Oddly

yvie oddly rihanna

Yvie is the wildcard – I think she may well do her TOTALLY WEIRD thing and do a really obscure and specific person from the Club Kid scene, I could also see her doing Crystal LaBeija but I think I might just put money on Rihanna – again there is a wealth of stuff to draw from and Rihanna has the perfect personality to really interact with the other contestants – she’d be a smart choice, but so would Crystal and it’d be nice to see a Crystal LaBeija that gets SOME screen time (#WhereIsAja)

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