Drag Race Season 11: Farm to Runway Runway Ranking


I can’t be the only one that thought it looked like the Queens were given a distinct lack of materials to work with? The amount of mini dresses we ended up with seems particularly telling. Is there not budget this time around?

9. A’keria Davenport

Akeria Davenport Farm

So after the fact her “organic blue dye” didn’t work on the burlap she had to rethink and went with denim, judging by how burlap ended up working for Ra’Jah, maybe it was for the best? Well, obviously not because what she ended up with was the above garment which is a valiant attempt at a Miranda Priestley reference but lands more in the territory of Dennis Rodman doing drag. It was a tough moment seeing this walk around the corner and being such a fan of A’Keria.

8. Nina West

Nina West Farm

I can’t quite tell if I hate this so much on a design level as I did on the fact that Nina walked down the runway like Daisy Duck after 7 consecutive tequila shots. The husky peplum isn’t pronounced enough to look like a statement and just looks like a skirt she pissed off. I’m glad someone finally called her out on her makeup though – it’s so flat and this look with the purple hair particularly looked like Laila McQueen’s first time in drag.

7. Ra’Jah O’Hara

Ra'Jah O'Hara Farm

I really like this in the universe in which it got completed properly and didn’t tear along every seam imaginable – or at last the top half that does give me the woodland nymph vibe that I think she was going for(?) I think a gauzy skirt would’ve been the better option on the bottom – both on a visual level and to save her from the divorcing seams that threaten to expose her nethers.

6. Miss Vanjie

vanjie farm

Good God, Vanjie is lucky A’Keria shot herself in the foot, Ra’jah fell apart at the seams and Nina walked like a drunk duck because this is not the big step outside of her comfort zone I think she thought it was. That cardboard fascinator and heavy out-of-the-bag wig are egregious, why did she not cut the cardboard closer to the rope? Why go for blonde when your entire outfit is varying shades of taupe? I do like the skirt, I just wish the top had you know, been cohesive with it. And it had a pocket.

5. Yvie Oddly

Yvie Oddly Farm

This had the benefit of being the most colourful thing on the runway which goes a long way to impressing the magpies that are Ru and Michelle. I do really love the boob cups, I spent a good protion of Uutcked ignoring whatever Yvie was saying and trying to work out what they were made out of. I do think there is an issue of proportions, particularly around the waist – it’s just a bit… shall we say Adore Delano? I cackled at the judges calling her makeup “glamour” though, it’s certainly more beautiful than Yvie’s other mugs but… glamour it was not.

4. Brooke Lynn Hytes

Brooke Lynn Hytes Farm

The purse and shoes are the best parts. I think the most impressive part of this is how it actually manages to stay up – there must be a whole roll of tit tape in there to keep up that denim bedspread. Maybe it’s because of the blue lighting but it’s just a bit of a snooze for me, by no means bad but I think other Queens brought more personality and concept than she did.

3. Dr. Ganache M.D.

Silky Ganache Farm

I wish we had seen more of how she did this because it doesn’t look like she just smeared fabric with glue and shucked a load of beans on it – the placing of the red ones at least looks more purposeful and calculated, and I just enjoy that silly Robin Hood goes to church hat.Had she down more with the capelet, she’d have probably placed higher.

2. Shuga Cain

Shuga Cain Farm

I really love this – could the hair and makeup have been better executed? Sure, but I respond really well to anyone that brings a full concept and character to their design and this windblown cherry tree fairy that looks like a Gijinka version of a Cherrim is absolutely my kind of drag.

1. Plastique Tiara

Plastique Tiara farm

Fine, it’s another corset (I don’t feel like we’re ever going to get something else from Plastique and we need to jst accept that) BUT IT IS SUCH A GOOD CORSET. And just her headpiece and makeup meant she deserved a top placing because honestly I don’t think anyone has looked more stunning on the runway:

Plastique Tiara stunning

Jesus H. Christ.

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