Drag Race Season 11: Monster Ball Look Ranking

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They said “Monster Ball” a lot and yet nobody made a Lady Gaga joke at any point and I was upset about it, not quite as upset as I was about the fact very few people understood the Trampy category and what was being asked of them. I think the final runway would have also benefited from a more concise explanation and better materials to use.

Trampy Trick or Treat

So a lot of the Queens got a little caught up in trying to serve a look when this category literally exists for you to be as slutty as possible and really it felt like only 4 or 5 of the Queens truly understood the assignment. Sadly nobody gave us a Victoria Justice as Sexy Abraham Lincoln moment – I wanted more people to take a really mundane thing and make it into a sexy Halloween costume.

Shuga Cain as Ariel Versace

TRAMPY shuga

Easily the worst look of the night and she claims it was a Troll Doll but she even did the annoying “NYAAAS” pose so I’m calling shade.

Yvie Oddly as Slutty Reptar


I appreciated the performance but it’s just a really dull outfit and people defending it as “trampy” because of the way she was walking are delusional.

Dr. Ganache MD as That Time Meghan Trainor Was a Judge


This is, at the most, two steps above that onesie Meghan Trainor wore.

Ariel Versace as A Not At All Trampy Nurse


She should have just lopped off the bottom of the gown and ended it at the peplum – it’d have actually fit the category then. It’s just too expensive looking and demure for Trampy and in a ball you live and die by the adherence to the category.

Miss Vanjie as Victoria Secret Dumbo

TRAMPY vanjie

At least it’s trampy but I just can’t not see those wings as elephant ears – they are just such a weird shape and flopping all over the place and honest t God they move the same way the remade Dumbo’s ears move.

Nina West as Audrey II


I get it, Nina is always more campy than trampy but all she had to do was cut a couple of inches off the hem. I NEED MORE TRAMP.

Brooke Lynn Hytes as Your Mummy


Yeah sure. I kind of wish she had just done a gory ballerina but this is fine, she sold it and the strapping is very well done and the nude illusion brings some sense of trampiness.

Ra’Jah O’Hara as A Better Kitty Couture Than Monet X Change

TRAMPY ra'jah

Finally, full on tramp and a decent understanding of the category. I did kind of hate that wig though – it’s just weirdly bulbous behind the mask.

Plastique Tiara as A Bunny, Duh

TRAMPY Plastique

A delightful mix of 80s sex appeal, Bridget Jones and Mean Girls. But she probably doesn’t know about any of that.

A’keria Davenport as A Sexy Croupier


The absurdity of a sexy croupier is what I wanted more people to deliver.

Scarlet Envy as That Girl on Halloween

TRAMPY Scarlet

Is it the most glamorous look to ever walk the runway? No. Does it perfectly encapsulate trampy Halloween costumes? Absolutely – and that’s what I personally feel a Ball Look should do. On a regular week this’d be in the bottom in a heart beat but this week it is perfectly pitched and appropriate.


Witch, Please.

This is clearly the runway that most of them had come truly prepared for – they must have know it’d be a Halloween themed Ball given that they’d have been asked to bring two spooky-esque looks. It did also mean most people ended up wearing some iteration of flowy black gowns but there were a smattering of interesting takes on witches.

Dr. Ganache’s One Woman Production of The Wiz


Like the judges said – this needed to read more as Mabel King in the The Wiz (a fantastic reference point) and less like a very pretty woman doing in the role in her community theatre on a shoestring budget – and it was a problem in her Capricorn runway before when she was attempting to do a more out-there makeup and chickened out and went for beauty.

Ra’Jah O’Hara’s Greenwitch


It’s a stunning look but… where is the witch? Literally just a hat would have saved it. Or a flying monkey perhaps.

A’keria Davenport’s Lumpwitch

WITCH Akeria

I literally cannot make out this lumpy mess – for someone who has excelled and been noted for her padding in the last couple of weeks this just has no shape. And then the weird branches jutting out of her shoulders with what may or may not be a bird on the end of it is really distracting.

Ariel Versace’s Saloon Witch


I liked this more than the Judges, mainly because I have a soft spot for the Godawful film Beautiful Creatures in which the costumes are bananas and also the only reason for watching it – she’d fit right in as one of the sassy aunts and knowing Ariel, this probably was her reference point because it got a fair few nominations as the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

Miss Vanjie’s… Witch?

WITCH Vanjie

I could watch that first reveal all day – it’s so cool. But that’s kind of it really.

Shuga Cain’s Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary


I wish that blood had looked a little less like a giant flap of cured bacon (Hey Kelly Mantle) but at least Shuga had one good look and I find her to be surprisingly diverse in the way she paints – it always takes me a second to realise who it is. Which could be taken two ways.

Brooke Lynn Hytes’ The Enchantress Cosplay

WITCH Brooke Lynn

It’s a very good Cosplay and her delivery was impeccable as always and saved it from being Just Cosplay™.

Plastique Tiara’s Maleficent

WITCH Plastique

How did Michelle not mention that this is the second time we have seen that leather corset? But this succeeds for me where Brooke kind of failed – there’s a more pronounced difference between this look and the actual Maleficent that I didn’t get from Brooke’s Enchantress.

Nina West’s Salem Witch Trial


How long before they tell Nina to stop doing camp? I’m also maybe a bit salty that she didn’t do a Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus cosplay. WHEN WILL SOMEONE? That being said I do love this, I did kind of want and expect some sort of reveal – she was oing such a theatrical performance on the runway that it seemed to be building to something and then it didn’t.

Scarlet Witch

Witch Scarlet


HOW DID SHE NOT MAKE THE REFERENCE? GOOD GOD GIRL. But I still quite like this Cacturne / Wicker Man Witch, the nose is terrible and I’m not quite sure why she was sucking on her cricific like a Vape but the lacey, hessian catsuit is really quite interesting. I could see her in a rurally set horror film.

Yvie Oddly’s Witch

Witch Yvie

I think her makeup is just so perfect – the exaggerated glossy black lips and the dead white eyes bring the horror allure and then the little Galiano-esque take on the witch’s hat is very appealing to me. The dress is a bit basic, but let’s be honest – everyone’s kind of was.



And now for the main protion of our runway the homemade Monster I’d Like to Freak category in which they had to fashion looks from the Werk Room fabric and a paltry amount of Halloween decorations. There really wasn’t much to work with – there should have been a rack of costumes that the queens had to fight over and repurpose but instead we got a lot of weirdly placed plastic animals and skulls just being carried.



Why is it a jumpsuit? That’s just my first questions, my second is why is there possum desperately trying to escape her hair? And my last and possibly most pressing question: where is the voodoo doll look?

Shuga Cain as Satan’s Unfucked Wife

MILF Shuga

Aint nobody fucking that. I do like her head, the wig, the makeup, the horns and the little nose bone are great, but then her feathered nipples and the guineafowl merkin… I mean it’s monstrous but it’s not good.

Ariel The Dead Little Mermaid

MILF Ariel

Had she been able to swap this and her trampy outfit she would have been in a much better position. I appreciate that she at least seems to have tried to monster up her look with the waterlogged corpse-ish makeup. I think Scarlet was more successful at it in the Zodiac Runway but an attempt was made.

Dr. Ganache MD as Satanic Opera Diva

MILF Silky

There is a look in there, it just needs more time to finesse and streamline – it looks like a fan’s hurried version of Aja’s Jury Vote jazzy devil. I also think the judges were a little unfair on her makeup – I thought it was fine and maybe the best part of the outfit?

A’keria Davenport as Her Witch But With Spider Legs

MILF Akeria

That literally is just her witch costume but with a giant spider backpack right? I think it makes it a more successful look than her witch so there are positives to this but there are a lot of repeated garments going on.

Miss Vanjie as Dead Showgirl

MILF Vanjie

Give Vanjie the chance to put something fuck-off massive on her head and she will do it, with gusto. I’m not sure this makes a lot of sense, but it’s certainly a little bit impressive that she manages to hold her neck upright without medical intervention.

Brooke Lynn Hytes as Every Eva Green Character

MILF Brooke

There’s just not enough monster, I think it could have been spooked up a lot more – I feel like I’ve seen this exact look on a multitude of runways before. But I do love a woman with a cane – I was the one redeem feature of that awful Blake Lively movie: A Simple Favour.

Scarlet Envy as Your Goldfish’s Vengeful Corpse

MILF Scarlet

I am so glad they gave is prior warning as to her doing the face mask thing because without it I may have thought it was blackface at first. I just really loved her little flubby lips she kept doing – it was a perfect nod to the Creature From the Black Lagoon and the lack of people who thought to do horror B-movie references when FUCKING ELVIRA is your guest judge was alarming.

Nina West as A Very Aggressive Cold Sore


This was unexpected from Nina and I really applaud her for not doing a Bride of Frankenstein costume – you know she has one.

Ra’Jah O’Hara as a Necrophiliac Billy Goat?

MILF Rajah

It reminds me a lot of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog but also a demonic Mr. Tumnus and I am all kinds of here for it.

Plastique Tiara as Mrs. Death

MILF Plastique

This is just really good, it’s elegant and has a creepy mystique to it and the fact she managed to paint that skull mouth on in the very short space of time the girls have between runways is worth an accolade of its own.

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