Drag Race Season 11: Orange Alert Runway Ranking

orange runway

I love the colour themed runways but I knew it was only time until orange reared its ugly head – and luckily it was nixed in Season 10 and we were spared the horror of Miz Cracker’s Safety Cone Vivacious Creation… Truly a dodged bullet. Also, go check out Honey Davenport’s outfit on her Instagram – she looked like an Egyptian Goddess with a penchant for fox fur.

12. Scarlet Envy

scarlet envy

“I made this myself” she proudly proclaimed and boy does it show. It looks like a first week design challenge dress where your only materials prom dresses from the 80s.

11. Nina West

nina west

Everyone likes a theatre reference but this is just straight up a high school theatre class costume that a local theatre donated because it looks a bit busted on stage. Nina’s campy schtick just isn’t translating to TV – it looks more naïve than purposeful.

10. Ariel Versace

ariel versace

She twirled down that runway like an archaeopteryx drum majorette and I’ll give her props for trying to make this look more interesting than it actually was. And why is your Orange themed runway more of a fringed look than your Fringe Runway look from last week? Riddle me that. She has also said on her Instagram that she couldn’t post a photo of this outfit because the feathers got ruined following the show, and I would hazard a guess that there were a lot more feathers on that fringe prior to transporting it to the studio.

9. Mercedes Iman Diamond


It is another very good basic dance costume – I appreciate the volume of the feathered head dress and I think her makeup is the best it has been since her entrance look – so at least she got to go out on a high note.

8. Miss Vanjie


Well, at least she couldn’t wear red this week, right? Didn’t stop her doing the old faithful glitter tits, granted she is better at than Kahanna was… So much of this is really good – everyone loves a fuck off massive headdress right? But then your get to the pasties and it look a tad messy. We also have to talk about the really cute rapid blinking she does whenever she steps out – it’s like a 1940s cartoon character and I enjoy it every time.

7. Plastique Tiara


GO BIGGER. If you’re going to do wings you better give Courtney Act a run for her money, these are just a little sad and limp looking and why are they so low down? It is essentially a copy of a vintage Mugler gown but I don’t think it works in this particular colour palette – the black had a sense of mystique and allure – this just looks a little heavy and combined with the very busy bodysuit (again) it needs a little longer in the cocoon – she could maybe talk to Jasmine Masters about that.

6. Yvie Oddly


If any other queen wore this it would be an instant bottom of the pile boot, but Yvie just manages to sell it. I don’t love it by any means but watching her bobble down the runway looking like a Goosebumps character is at least a break from the plethora of Carnival Lite outfits we got. More volume on the skirt would also have gone a long way – what it is up worth everyone and these wishy washy proportions?

5. Brooke Lynn Hytes

brooke lynn hytes

The judges were head over heels for this but I’m personally not wild about it. I like the superhero vibe it gives – and it might have to do a lot with the way Brooke poses and her proportions because we all know no superhero wears a coat or a cape. I do think taking the coat off was a mistake because it was absolutely the best part of the outfit.

4. Ra’Jah O’Hara


She is a joy to watch on the runway – she really has that wonderful ball style of presentation which is exactly what this outfit needed. I do find the single love a little bit weird, but that’s onl because I atch so much Countryfile that any time I see someone wearing a single loves just makes me think their about to shove their fist up a cow’s arse. That being said, at least the neck piece balances it out and who doesn’t love looking like they are constantly in a hurry.

3. Shuga Cain

shuga cain

This is made so much better by the fact that during the Rusical she played Hillary Clinton, but it was still pretty great from the beginning. It’s a fun take on the theme and she must have just been overjoyed that it lined up with the maxi challenge so well. The pussy grabbing mime work was… a lot though and the fact they made her put the Cheetos in a clear baggy because they couldn’t show the product name ❤

2. Dr. Ganache MD

silky nutmeg ganache

Part of me loved this purely because watching her schmooze down the runway at the pace of a slowly melting popsicle was hilarious but there is no denying that this is absolutely gorgeous

1. A’Keria Chanel Davenport


In the words of Joel McHale: “YEEEEEAH!” because who doesn’t love a Sexy Lorax?

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