Drag Race Season 11: What’s Your Sign? Runway Ranking

whats your sign runway.png

On paper a zodiac is really good – remember the ANTM zodiac photoshoot that spawned The Worst Photo in ANTM History? Iconic. HOWEVER, if you are going to do it please make sure you have more than just a few fish to break up the parade of sheep and lions – it was bordering on biblical more that astrological.

Cyber Goth Rum Tum Tugger


Thank God for Yvie, everyone else was so literal, and yes she is dressed as an actual lion but at least you could probably guarantee no one else would come out doing it in the recycled parts of your Windows 95 computer and in a slew of ovine animorphs this was refreshing.

Lady Justice Betty Boop


My favourite part may have been the fact she was clearly in pain and started very aggressively throwing roses out of the scales like a pissed off flower girl. She was truly robbed.

Ra’jah O’hara


I loved this: the makeup is really quite beautiful and the fact she manages to simultaneously look like an actual goat and Janelle Monae is truly art. I’m glad she used her hair to create the horns rather than just gluing a set of horns to her wig.

Aquamarine Envy


I adore how ethereal this looks and then you have those stupid little plastic bubble guns, that in some ways I wish she had at least glittered up but on the other hand I like this story of a ditzy mermaid heiress who finds them so much fun.

Brooke Lynn Hytes

Brooke Lynn

The texture of this is gorgeous, it reminds me of those almost hollographic Armani Prive gowns that Penelope Cruz went through a stage of constantly wearing for promoting Pirates of the Caribbean: The One Nobody Saw.

Plastique Tiara


Those Mr. Tumnus boots were not worth wearing twice, but that ornate gold bolero is very Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman and I love it. The pleather bodysuit is fine – how long before Michelle calls her out for them?

Shuga Cain


I think this was a lot better than the judges gave her credit for because we could have ended up with some awful Scorpion King from the Mummy Returns situation and I preferred this less burning man acid trip.

Honey Davenport


The beige-taupe dress, as rhinestoned as it was, just didn’t have the opulence (Uplands?) of that mammoth wig and the whole thing began to run together and was a little textureless. I appreciate she did not try to force a bee aesthetic into this one.

A’keria Davenport, aged 5


It’s not bad, it’s just when you compare it to Brooke’s which is the exact same concept it begins to look a little like a child’s art project that you have to begrudgingly put on the fridge.



Remember when Aja wore the fur bikini for the White Party runway? WHY DID THAT TEACH NO ONE ANYTHING? It’s really weirdly proportioned and the shaved racing stripe in the back of the skirt did not help her very flat white ass. I think the outfit could have benefited from being just a scooch more Aries inspired and less literal sheep. Can’t fault the makeup though.

Nina West


That car decal lion and collection of VW hood ornaments makes her at least look like the most glamorous camper van?

The Abominable Amoeba


I have never seen a better visualisation of a Capricorn’s mood and that is not a good thing.

Kahanna Montrese


I really liked the dress, or at least the twenty seconds that it was intact for, but that Dennis the Menace wig and the lightest dusting of glitter on her uncontoured boy chest is really rather baffling but she absolutely had the best horns on the runway, so congratulations for that.

Mercedes Iman Diamond


It’s very basic Halloween 101 and in the words of Michelle Visage “I just feel a little sad for you”. At least stone your loin cloth.

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