Drag Race Season 11: Whatcha Unpackin? Runway Ranking

In a move that is almost definitely throwing shade at Delta Airlines for losing so many Queens’ luggage over the last year the Queens have to construct a look out of a case full of random shit that is loosely linked to a specific Drag Race queen – a lot of it unusuable although I would have loved to see Scarlet Envy somehow work that oxygen tank into a look btu I did appreciate that Thorgy’s box was full of that hideous orange fabric she stole after she got eliminated – not that it helped Nina West in anyway.

A’keria Davenport: BeBe Zahara Benet

akeria runway

Robbed dammit. She came out dressed as an Alexis Mateo show pony with 5 wigs stacked on her head and lost because Brooke sewed a very good catsuit. SHE MADE CHAPS and no one congratulated her on it.

Brooke Lynn Hytes: Detox

brooke runway

The best part of this was the fact she spent most of the time in the work room walking around with those neon straps around her hands and head. The fact she managed to make a PVC catsuit in 2 days is rather impressive and lets face it, this is better than most of the super hero outfits that the queens wore in the Super Queen performance on Allstars 4.

Scarlet Envy: Violet Chachki

scarlet envy runway

Violet Chachki would never entertain that 4 ply ostrich feather boa, but this is pretty good and I think for the time she had the fit is impeccable and I enjoyed her drunk aunt runway schtick – it reminded me a lot of Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp.

Miss Vanjie: Valentina


Again with the body glitter, which I’m sure she is only using in order to  try and distract from her massive chest tattoo – it’s a little messy but the actual dress is so slick and dramatic that it isn’t too much of a distraction. A disappointing lack of red M&Ms though.

Area Versace: Laganja Estranja

ariel runway

This is pretty fun and cute – there isn’t a lot else you could do with a pile of green fabric and some glittery pot leaves but it’s successfully put together and the wig is a delight.

Shuga Cain: Sharon Needles

shuga runway

She’s a cool mom. I’m intrigued to see what Shuga Cain has brought for other runways because despite being the oldest queen (she’s only 40) in the competition she is dressing like she’s one of the young’uns and I kind of love it.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache: Peppermint

silky runway

I lived for the moment she opened that peppermint purse and threw a handful of sweets at the judges and Ru “oooh’d” like it was the most magical thing she had ever seen – other than that I just enjoy that she looks like someone bluffed their way into a fancy dress party as a Peppermint Mermaid.

Mercedes Iman Diamond: Bianca del Rio

mercedes runway


It’s very pool side glamour, he might blend in a bit with the sun loungers but I don’t think it warranted as low a placing as the judges gave her.

Ra’jah O’hara: Kennedy Davenport

rajah runway

I’m getting a lot of Kenya Michaels vibes from this, it just reminds me of both her Lost in Translation Apocalyptic Phoenix and that boxing look she did.

Plastique Tiara: Sasha Velour

plastique runway

Copy. Paste. Invert Colour.

Honey Davenport: BenDeLaCreme

honey runway

She is here to have brunch and make you pay for it.

Yvie Oddly: Alaska

yvie runway

I didn’t really get the story she was trying to tell (why was she so cold?) and she does look like one of the toys from The Island of Misfit Toys stuck in a rain poncho but the judges got a few puns out of it so I suppose it’s fine.

Kahanna Montrese: Katya

kahanna runway

She’s a showgirl whose been through the wars huh? Other than this looking like a Victoria Secret model looking like she’s emerging from the incubatory body of a Beyoncé impersonator I think the most distracting thing is the fact her crotch if flossing.

Nina West: Thorgy Thor

nina runway

This is just flat out terrifying, the fact as she was making it she just kept on piling onto the whole Lady Tottington with a rare skin disease aesthetic and didn’t think “maybe this is too much sickly orange”. It is aggressively awful.

Soju: Your Grandmother’s Underwear Drawer

soju runway

“I don’t have to pad, cinch or tuck.” GIRL, LISTEN TO YOURSELF. But also, I’m not sure she was given any materials that actually pertained to Kim Chi, what is that retirement home floral fabric? And then she turns around and it’s just a massive of tulle tumours the likes of which we haven’t seen since Project Runway season 1.

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