Drag Race Season 11: Entrance Looks Ranking

It’s that all important first impression, you want to wow and amaze but you can’t spend too much money on it because you probably will have to take part in a photoshoot that may or may not completely destroy your outfit, although they haven’t done any particularly awful photoshoots since the dunk tank in season 5 for that exact reason I would guess. But also you might decide to pull a Kameron Michaels and wear something so awful that everything you wear subsequently looks amazing and you make the final 4.

Let’s see shall we?

Brooke Lynn Hytes

brooke lynn entrance

First of all, if you are going to reveal a flag, do it less like Serena Cha Cha and more like Alaska. I will always love a drag queen doing a twist on a uniform and a glittery Mountie outfit is everything I needed from the first Canadian drag queen. But she would like to talk to the manager now, please.

Mercedes Iman Diamond

chanel entrance

Maybe I was just entranced by the ululation but the fact she walked in just holding a massive fuck off prop diamond and an entire sled team of skinned huskies got me good.

Area Versace

ariel entrance

Always here for an 18th century French court reference, I don’t love the dip dyed hair with this particular outfit, it all gets a bit too busy around the torso but when you could potentially hide several other contestants under your skirt I have to give you props.

Shuga Cain

shuga cain entrance

Remember Aquaria’s Mega Arbok outfit she wore during the terrible, terrible liv reveal of the Queens, this is that exact outfit right? Look at Shuga Cain, setting trends.

Honey Davenport

Honey entrance

I am getting somewhat concerned that we are going to get a bee or flower themed look from Honey EVERY week but I can’t be mad at it in the entrance look, it’s not quite as good as her Animorph Realness during the live reveal, there’s something a little off about these hip accoutrements but it’s good enough. I have also seen her wear this with a little short Monet wig and it looks a lot cleaner.

Yvie Oddly

yvie entrance

That little bedazzled RC car is the sort of silliness I adore, it made no sense, it didn’t have to make sense and I cackled and it makes me excited for what other nonsense Yvie has up her sleeves.

Nina West

nina west entrance

That hat is so artfully perched, she looks like a spy infiltrating a church function or Carmen Sandiego’s Player 2 character. We shall not talk about her pun.

A’keria Davenport

akeria entrance

It’s a good drag brunch outfit, it’s sparkly, it’s a little slutty – you can’t be mad at it.

Miss Vanjie

vanjie entrance

This is very Season 7 and I think a little blandm there’s no texture to that fabric, there’s no sparkle in the tights. Granted, Vanjie’s dedication to gold body glitter is something to be admired, I could have done with a belt, just to break up the red a little.

Plastique Tiara

plastique entrance

It’s a piece of fabric attached to a body suit. Maybe it’s the beige leotard but I just found this thoroughly boring and given she wears the exact same thing but in black and red for her runway, I have little faith for her sartorial choices.

Ra’jah O’Hara

rajah entrance

This is the five seconds of the outfit we saw with her earrings still attached, I can’t wait for her to come back in All Stars and for her entire story arc to be “Can she keep her earrings on?”. It is still a brave choice to come in an unusual materials outfit knowing the first challenge will most likely involve unusual materials.


soju entrance

The concept is great, the execution however… it literally looks like a martial arts outfit. There is nothing particularly Fashion™ or Draggy about it – it needs to be cinched more and more obviously gowny. And the wig is just very Edward Scissorhands.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

silky entrance

That’s a lot of badly matched blues and I’m not sure shin length cargo shorts are a particularly good choice for Drag Race but when you’re as loud as Silky, your outfit is kind of second place. The oufit was also entirely chosen for the ease of access to her prop cookie which… Priorities.

Kahanna Montrese

kahanna entrance

That is a man Maury.

Scarlet Envy

scarlet envy entrance

I appreciate that there was an idea, I’m just not sure Rococo Eunuch was a good one. Had this had a skirt like Ariel’s, it’s have been a killer (granted the makeup is also a bust and the wig looks like something from the 9 to 5 musical). But that swinging diamond chastity belt is… well it’s 9 carat insanity.

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