RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 11 Preliminary Queen Ranking

Another season is underway and you thought with having done 10 seasons of this they would know how to not cock it up and YET. The live RuVeal was an insane disaster, to the point that VH1 have removed the video YouTube and no illegal copies have emerged BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS IT and everyone involved has trashed it, except for Adam Rippon who has slunk off somewhere to lick his wounds. RIP.

But the Meet The Queens videos were fine and the lighting wasn’t a hate crime so lets go there instead!

1. Honey Davenport


Her outfit for the disaster of a reveal livestream was SO GOOD and then you see her promo look and it’s very OH NO, WHAT HAPPENED? I’m going to place money on the fact it was absolutely not her first choice and they made her change. She’s still my personal frontrunner, her cerebral approach to her drag doesn’t come across as pretentiously scholarly as it could and with her drag pedigree, she’s surely destined for the final?

2. Nina West


Ok fine, I just like Hairspray, what you gonna do about it? Her interview with Adam Rippon was probably the best, mostly because she ended up interviewing him and she was quick, sharp and on it with her jokes and humour.

3. Silky Ganache


Hello and welcome to the saviour of the livestream, may she be our guiding light in a season that is, based entirely off the meet the queens and reveal fiasco, looking kind of low energy. At first I thought she was Pulling a Vanjie™ and heavily overcompensating for a First Boot but looking into her back catalogue of drag: NOPE. She is like that all the time and it is a JOY.

4. Yvie Oddly


I’m just excited to see her runways because they have the potential to be really great or incoherent messes and I am EXCITED about it. I’m still trying to process her Priscilla Muppet Queen of the High Seas reveal outfit and feel like I probably never will.

5. Mercedes Iman Diamond


The ululation was EVERYTHING and I’m excited t see how her heritage and upbringing influences her drag – we’ve seen how other queens have been heavily inspired by their various denominations of Christianity so I can’t wait to see what she does and she seems like the biggest sweetheart.

6. Ariel Versace


She has a lot of the same affectations as Willam, the frustrated squeal, the MONSTROUS cackle and coming across as thick as two short planks but because of all her other little tics I’m not sure how much is an act and how much is genuine, but I do find her motormouth to be quite charming.

7. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo


Everyone knew she was coming back though didn’t they? Why was it treated as a gagworthy reveal? I didn’t even delve or seek out spoilers, I thought it was just common knowledge. She’s the same old Vanjie though and I appreciated her coming on and curb stomping the fuck out of the whole livestream. I could watch her throwing that ball at her plastic cups all day.

8. Soju


I think she’s the only one I was really aware of prior to the reveals – mainly because of that video where she interviewed Willam and Willam thought she was Kim Chi. It was a lot. She has pulled a very clever move and deleted EVERYTHING she had posted on Instagram before filming and ever since has been pushing her K-Pop Princess aesthetic SUPER HARD and has really netted herself an already dedicated fanbase. I found her a little low energy but I love her looks and her little dusting of diamond freckles in her Meet the Queens video was so cute.

9. A’Keria Chanel Davenport


Two looks in and she has already given us a superhero inspired look and a wig that rivals Lady Bunny so girl has come to PLAY.

10. Brooke Lynn Hytes


So her promo look was absolutely the best one. She said it herself, people always think she has no personality and it takes a while for her to warm up. I just hope it isn’t a Kameron Michaels situation where she just stalls for ANY ENTIRE SEASON. Her history as a ballet dancer probably stands her in god stead to make it fairly far in the competition but as of now, kind of middling.

11. Raj’ah O’hara


ANOTHER ONE? At least she knows how to sew, which seems to be an O’hara trait. The colour palette of her outfit was AWFUL and it’s a little unfortunate that she kept saying “get these cookies” when Vanjie is one of her competitors. She compared herself a lot to Shea Coulee, which could potentially be as unfortunate as Cracker comparing herself to Bianca because both are amongst the elite queens.

12. Plastique Tiara


Her Final Fantasy Ariana Grande reveal outfit was easily one of the best, if not the best but I just found her to be kind middling and reminded me a lot of that early Farrah Moan stage of her drag when she knows what she wants to be but lacks a lot of the confidence and experience to actually be it. I was expecting some major dance ability from her but then I saw this video and… WELL.

13. Shuga Caine


During the livestream she said “I’m dressing very Hunger Games, Effie Trinket today!” while wearing what was CLEARLY a Lady Tremaine cosplay outfit, which again HERE FOR and I liked it. Already sneaking in the fact she is The Oldest One™,(she’s only 40) I just hope she doesn’t use it as an excuse. Like Charlie.

14. Scarlet Envy


What was this diseased bodysuit? If the roses had been a different shade of red it might have read more like roses and less like a genetic mutation. I thought her reveal interview was really low energy which I at first blamed on Adam Rippon but even her meet the queens video was quite tepid and she seemed VERY defensive

15. Kahanna Montrese


Drag daughter of Coco (you can tell by the severely orange face) and hailing from Vegas, which in my mind is always a red flag because the Vegas queens seem to always be quite messy in their runways, and her Meet The Queens shoulder penis moment suggests we can expect it to continue. Kahanna, with her poorly delivered dick jokes, gives me some serious Kimora vibes and can’t say I’m excited for it.

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